The Reidys

The first time I ever heard of Molly was when my son came home from school and we looked at a picture of all the kids in their class’ Lego creations.  If you know anything about our family we are SERIOUS Lego enthusiasts.  We totally judged the Lego creations and Molly’s was the best! Fast forward about two years and now Phoenix says Molly is his best friend.  I’m not sure how good Brian and Paula Lego creations are but they’ve become close friends too! We are so grateful for them!

girl sitting in field

On my 10 mile runs I’ve been scoping great spots around the Carrollton Greenbelt to take portraits at – here is one of them! So much green! It reminds me of the east coast spots that I had to take photos.  couple pose

couple laughing

family of three

girl in field

mom and daughter

family of three

Location: Carrollton Texas Greenbelt Furneaux and Cemetery Hill

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