Holden & Avery

I was SO looking forward to this photo shoot! I hadn’t seen Avery since she was super tiny and didn’t know what she looked liked.  As she got out of the car all I saw was this gorgeousness…

THE HAIR!!! Goodness gracious that is one beautiful head of hair!!! In all my 10 years of photographing people I think she gets the award for BEST HAIR!!! A-MAZING!!! It was that kind of hair you just can’t help yourself run your fingers through someone else hair (a little creepy but hey she’s 2!).


I had plans to photograph them and their momma on this gorgeous old truss bridge. The amazing outfit that I had ordered for this shoot did NOT arrive!!! It was so so so so very sad.  I was looking forward to this outfit for WEEKS! But when life gives you lemons make some lemonade or something magical.  And so we did.  Instead of the bridge (we will just save that for later!) we danced and played in the grass and ferns.

I think he learned this from his dad – who had his FIRST day as a FIREFIGHTER TODAY!!!

Sweet sibling love… for 5 seconds. 

THIS photo is why I LOVE LOVE LOVE photographing kids.  You get these GREAT raw expressions that adults don’t give and they’re SO beautiful!!!


So special! I really hope that despite the lack of the amazing mom outfit (ohhhh still so sad!) that this mini-shoot made a Mom and a Dad (and other family!) truly APPRECIATE these two.  That’s what photos do! Help you freeze time and appreciate them in the good and hard moments:)

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  1. lori ball

    Awesome pictures!!! You caught both of their personalities! Great job! Thanks Kaitlin!

    • Kaitlin Roten

      Lori!! Hi!!! Thank you so much for the kind words! The kids are SO SO SO BEAUTIFUL!! And they really do have great personalities:)

  2. What adorable little ones! They are SO cute…and her HAIR!! Precious!!

  3. Oh my word! That hair is amazing! These two are so precious! What amazing pictures!

    • Kaitlin Roten

      Thank you Kelly! Glad to know I wasn’t the only one who was hair jealous!

  4. I love the light in these and oh my gosh, her hair!! I wish I had hair like that!!

    • Kaitlin Roten

      I know, right?! I guess we could get perms, ha! We could totally be the leaders to bring perms back 😉

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