She said YES! Tyler and Alanna

She said YES!!! I had the awesome privileged of photographing Tyler proposing to Alanna hovering over the Ft. Worth Stockyards.  It was so so so so so so so amazing!  Tyler hired me in secret so I was posing as a photographer just tagging along on their ride to take a tour of the city.  I’m totally not an aerial photographer (I really don’t think my aerial shots are really amazing either) so I was hoping she wasn’t going to see my not-so-awesome lens for aerial photography — I think that is just a geeky photography thing to think about, I’m pretty sure she didn’t even notice.

Tyler had great music as we were hovering and he was pouring his heart out – just in case you’re wondering you can mute the back passenger’s conversations so the pilot and co-pilot (that was me!) can’t hear.

Congratulations Tyler and Alanna! Thank you guys SO MUCH!!!

This is one of my most favorite things about being a photographer – I get the chance to be apart of people’s lives in such an intimate way! Tyler and Alanna, years later when you look back at these photos I hope that they will stir up those emotions you felt at this point in your relationship and help you appreciation each other more and more.

proposal photography

LOVE this shot of them!!

aerial shot of ft worth texas motor stadium

Texas Motor Speedway – even from up above this place is IMPRESSIVE! aerial ft worth


aerial ft worth

Tarant County Courthouse – I photographed Wil and Haleigh’s wedding here – it’s SO BEAUTIFUL inside! couple proposal couple proposal



aerial ft worth

This is one of the funny things we saw – only in Texas do you have swimming pools shaped like your state.

The helicopter tour was hosted by Epic Helicopters.  Highly recommend them – they’re so great.  The tour is individualized so really whatever you want to see they make it happen.  It was also very private.

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  1. I love those aerial shots!!! Also really liked the posed ones with the helicopter in the background but the killer is THE SHOT where he’s slipping that ring in her finger for the first time. Just a great moment in a very unique place!

  2. Look how happy she is!! Wow, a helicopter proposal; such a cool thing to be a part of

  3. Wow!!! What an amazing opportunity!!! It is SO fun being a photographer, isn’t it?! Love these!!

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