What to wear Wednesday’s – cold shoulder dress for your little girl

Back again for What to Wear Wednesday’s! If you missed my last post be sure to check it out for your little dapper boys…this week is all about the sweet little girls in your lives.

Just so you know, all my clients when booking receive my exclusive style guide that helps them choose time of day, location, tricks and tips, and clothing suggestions. Today’s suggestion comes straight from my recommendation of putting your little girls in dresses for your photo experience. If you haven’t checked out my previous posts about this check here and here or to see all search “what to wear” in the search tab in the upper right.

Meet Donna Van Pham from Arlington, Texas.
Designer and creator of baby and children clothing specifically highlighting her adorable and stylish “cold shoulder” little girl dresses. All custom made.
Currently the blush floral and red and white are in 2T and READY to be shipped to YOU! (I’m talking to you!!)
Her store also has little girl choker dresses as well as shift dresses. Her prices are awesome! They are as much (or less!) as you would pay in a store but they’re custom made! Any first order with sydneyjadeco will get 10% off. Please DM her for code.
Donna says she’s “living my dream and tackling one thing at at time. I grew up wearing and watching my mom making handmade clothes for all eight of us siblings. And now here I am making clothes for my daughter and I hope that you all love my creation.”

When you look your best you act your best.
This style never goes out of style.

Having professional photographs taken is an enjoyable experience that produces tangible memories. Documenting this time helps retain memories for all those involved. Time flies by too fast to forget the little feet and little hands that occupied all of your time. Even after the session when you hang these photos you see and feel how you felt about each other in that moment. It helps you appreciate those in your family, everyone needs a little more appreciation in their lives!
Partnering with SydneyJadeco to help your little girl look super sweet and fashionable for your photo experience. Looking their best will help them retain their memories and help them to act their best (along with my other techniques!) during their session.

So head over to her etsy shop and support a small business AND have your little girl look stunning in your photos!

And just look at this awesome dress that would be PERFECT for a little girl birthday sessions?

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Happy Birthday Milo!

This kid! Milo is almost 2! Isn’t his outfit so perfect? I LOVE IT! I had to work pretty hard at getting this guy to smile for me – but it was totally worth it – so sweet! He was such a great model and listener.  Courtney and Jenn are going to look back on these photos even when he’s just a few months older and marvel at how much he’s grown! Even through the challenges of raising kids – photographs (especially having the photos on display in your houses) help us appreciate our family members.  Everyone needs a little more appreciation in our lives, right?

I love love love ideas for family photo sessions.  The are super sweet and cute AND the biggest advantage is that they keep the littles entertained, involved in doing something, and not focused on taking photos but having fun.  I love getting playing and walking photos to accomplish this, but when you have a theme the shoot has more possibilities for different sets of photographs.  Courtney, Jenn, and Milo had a really cute tea party! Set with a tiered tray, cups and saucers, adorable teacup, and yummy munchies. (Psst! Check out the bottom of this post for different ideas for your family’s themed photo shoot!)

toddler boy in blue shirt

I love showing outtakes from shoots.  Parenting is so like this…”you guys stand over here and look really snugly and cute…Milo you sit over here right next to me and I’m going to take some photos while you get a break…” 1 minute later…he totally walks in the shot! I love this image though because it is so real!

family outtakes

This image…ahhhh… so beautiful!

couple portrait

Their cute tea party details! Milo said he was serving coffee..not tea.  tea party detail

family tea party

Also because I always like to comment on a good set of outfit choices – here it is! It looks so effortless but I know that much thought was given into colors and what kind of outfits – it’s so great! Way to go guys! family tea party

Location: Carrollton, Texas; AW Perry Homestead Museum

Different ideas for your family’s themed photo shoot:
-Milk and cookies splurge
-Watermelon feast
-Bucket bubble bath
-Baseball field family game
-Family field day events
-Family Olympics
-Joint canvas painting and paint fight
-Pajama party
-Lemonade stand
-Camping themed

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The Reidys

The first time I ever heard of Molly was when my son came home from school and we looked at a picture of all the kids in their class’ Lego creations.  If you know anything about our family we are SERIOUS Lego enthusiasts.  We totally judged the Lego creations and Molly’s was the best! Fast forward about two years and now Phoenix says Molly is his best friend.  I’m not sure how good Brian and Paula Lego creations are but they’ve become close friends too! We are so grateful for them!

girl sitting in field

On my 10 mile runs I’ve been scoping great spots around the Carrollton Greenbelt to take portraits at – here is one of them! So much green! It reminds me of the east coast spots that I had to take photos.  couple pose

couple laughing

family of three

girl in field

mom and daughter

family of three

Location: Carrollton Texas Greenbelt Furneaux and Cemetery Hill

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What to Wear Wednesdays: Slightly Casual Engagement Session

Here’s another plug for my style guide that I provide my clients to help them make the hard decisions for their photo shoot.  Today’s “what to wear” is for an engagement session but really could be extended for a mom and dad on a family portrait session.  I’ve kept the colors light because I think lighter colors compliment the skin better and l think these colors compliment golden hour colors from the sun better.

I usually recommend a longer dress for the ladies because long, full-length, flowy dresses and skirts look amazing on camera because they bring extra movement to the photos. Especially when juxtaposed with nature, like open fields, forest, or beaches.  I LOVE this mint color – it’s really popular right now and I think it compliments a variety of different skin tones. It’s also a casual dress which is what I hear from a lot of clients that they’re looking for.  This material looks like it would be fairly airy in this Texas heat! This would look nice with a pair of strappy sandals or if you wanted to get a few shots with your cowgirl boots standing in tall grass that’d look great too.

I love this shirt for it’s color (and how it compliments the dress color) and for it’s material.  You can pull off several different looks with this shirt by having the sleeves down or rolled up slightly.  You can also bring along a sport coat to throw on for a quick shot to make your photos look slightly different.

Long fitted pants are the most sophisticated and most masculine and help draw attention away from legs and feet and place the attention on the face. Loose and baggy pants make legs look actually bigger than they are.  I always recommend fitted pants.  These khakis are a great match for the shirt and chances are you might already  have a pair like this.  If you don’t, adding them to your wardrobe won’t be hard because they will get a lot of use out of them.  Finish this look off by wearing a pair of brown closed toed shoes.

Women’s mint dress, Light blue Maxi Dress from Express $49.99

Guy’s Band Collar Linen-Blend Shirt Chalk color from Express $35

Guy’s Skinny Fit Flex Stretch Light Brown Chino Pants from Express $69.90


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Irie – boho styled children portrait

I tried to explain the word “hippy” to Irie as I placed her lace headband boho style on her head.  I wasn’t prepared for a five year old definition of the word.  After I looked at a few photos on the back of my camera I told her that however her photos came out, she could use them to understand the word! I love the colors of her shoot! Irie’s hair is one of her most striking features and I love the way the curls fell and floated in the slight breeze.

As a natural light specialist, it’s really important to choose the right time of day for your shoot! In your style guide (that I send all my clients!) I go more into this.  I love the warm tones as the evening sun in this session!

children photograph in flowers

I love the pop of peonies here! I also go more into detail on what to bring to your photo shoot in your “style guide” when you book.  Details can be a great element to your photo shoot to make it look more like you and unique.

children photograph in flowers, boho kids

children photograph in flowers, boho kids

children photograph in flowers, boho kids

children photograph in flowers, boho kids

children photograph in flowers, boho kids

children photograph in flowers, boho kids

children photograph in flowers, boho kids

children photograph in flowers, boho kids

Location: Carrollton Green belt
This is definitely a favorite place to shoot.  If you missed other locations to have your photo shoot – look here! 

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Pretty Blue Eyes

I am a sucker for blue eyes.  It all started with my husband – beautiful blue eyes.  Then both of my kids got them and now I’m kinda partial.

When we lived in China most times it was the first (or second!) thing the locals pointed out in my kids.  Many people said that they had never seen a blue-eyed in person.  The second thing (if you’re interested) was how white my son’s skin was!

Look at little Mason’s eyes! It works even better because of the choice of color for his shirt.  LOVE this! Such a cute little guy! I also think this photo is sweet because they decided to have their photo shoot at their house.  It will bring special memories of this place for years to come.  Don’t ever rule out your house as a location possibility!

You might have heard me say it before but I think that getting photos of you and your family help you appreciate the people in your life more.  When we look at photos of our family together all the craziness of the day melts away and we slow down and appreciate the time and the people more. Everyone could use a little more of that in their life, right?

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