She said YES! Tyler and Alanna

She said YES!!! I had the awesome privileged of photographing Tyler proposing to Alanna hovering over the Ft. Worth Stockyards.  It was so so so so so so so amazing!  Tyler hired me in secret so I was posing as a photographer just tagging along on their ride to take a tour of the city.  I’m totally not an aerial photographer (I really don’t think my aerial shots are really amazing either) so I was hoping she wasn’t going to see my not-so-awesome lens for aerial photography — I think that is just a geeky photography thing to think about, I’m pretty sure she didn’t even notice.

Tyler had great music as we were hovering and he was pouring his heart out – just in case you’re wondering you can mute the back passenger’s conversations so the pilot and co-pilot (that was me!) can’t hear.

Congratulations Tyler and Alanna! Thank you guys SO MUCH!!!

This is one of my most favorite things about being a photographer – I get the chance to be apart of people’s lives in such an intimate way! Tyler and Alanna, years later when you look back at these photos I hope that they will stir up those emotions you felt at this point in your relationship and help you appreciation each other more and more.

proposal photography

LOVE this shot of them!!

aerial shot of ft worth texas motor stadium

Texas Motor Speedway – even from up above this place is IMPRESSIVE! aerial ft worth


aerial ft worth

Tarant County Courthouse – I photographed Wil and Haleigh’s wedding here – it’s SO BEAUTIFUL inside! couple proposal couple proposal



aerial ft worth

This is one of the funny things we saw – only in Texas do you have swimming pools shaped like your state.

The helicopter tour was hosted by Epic Helicopters.  Highly recommend them – they’re so great.  The tour is individualized so really whatever you want to see they make it happen.  It was also very private.

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Danielle Bridal

After a long day of work with a photo session at evening golden hour, I usually come home and crash but this time Danielle’s portraits were just too beautiful for me to give in to sleep. I stayed up WAY to late swooning over them, nothing 4 cups of coffee can’t fix the next day! From the moment I met Danielle (and Felix too!) they were the perfect couple that I dreamed about photographing! Isn’t Danielle’s sweet heart neckline amazing?! I also LOVE her hair and am so glad she had in down in her portraits.  In fact I loved her portraits so much that one is going on my new business cards and a huge canvas print for a new wedding venue open house at The Nest at Ruth Farms on June 11 at 3:300-6:00 in Ponder, Texas.   bride portraits torso looking off camera

bridal portrait full gown with trees

bridal portrait

bride with flowers

bridal portrait addison texas

bride portraits looking at camera

bride with veil

bridal portrait addison texas

bride with dress in back


bridal portrait torso golden hour

bridal portrait of full dress

Wedding dress from LuLu’s Bridal Boutique
Location: Vitruvian Park, Addison, Texas

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What to Wear Wednesdays: Slightly Casual Engagement Session

Here’s another plug for my style guide that I provide my clients to help them make the hard decisions for their photo shoot.  Today’s “what to wear” is for an engagement session but really could be extended for a mom and dad on a family portrait session.  I’ve kept the colors light because I think lighter colors compliment the skin better and l think these colors compliment golden hour colors from the sun better.

I usually recommend a longer dress for the ladies because long, full-length, flowy dresses and skirts look amazing on camera because they bring extra movement to the photos. Especially when juxtaposed with nature, like open fields, forest, or beaches.  I LOVE this mint color – it’s really popular right now and I think it compliments a variety of different skin tones. It’s also a casual dress which is what I hear from a lot of clients that they’re looking for.  This material looks like it would be fairly airy in this Texas heat! This would look nice with a pair of strappy sandals or if you wanted to get a few shots with your cowgirl boots standing in tall grass that’d look great too.

I love this shirt for it’s color (and how it compliments the dress color) and for it’s material.  You can pull off several different looks with this shirt by having the sleeves down or rolled up slightly.  You can also bring along a sport coat to throw on for a quick shot to make your photos look slightly different.

Long fitted pants are the most sophisticated and most masculine and help draw attention away from legs and feet and place the attention on the face. Loose and baggy pants make legs look actually bigger than they are.  I always recommend fitted pants.  These khakis are a great match for the shirt and chances are you might already  have a pair like this.  If you don’t, adding them to your wardrobe won’t be hard because they will get a lot of use out of them.  Finish this look off by wearing a pair of brown closed toed shoes.

Women’s mint dress, Light blue Maxi Dress from Express $49.99

Guy’s Band Collar Linen-Blend Shirt Chalk color from Express $35

Guy’s Skinny Fit Flex Stretch Light Brown Chino Pants from Express $69.90


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Flippen Park in Dallas

I think I referred to Flippen Park as “wedding heaven”. It’s so so so so so so…so so so so so so beautiful! I love the way the photos turned out from John and Stephanie’s wedding.  It is such a beautiful location for the flowers, gazebo and then the fountain pool! There are 30 year old trees and the street that is on both sides have gorgeous Dallas houses.  flippen park gazebo and pool

flippen park fountain dallas

flippen park gazebo
flippen park dallas

Location: Flippen Park.  Recommended for weddings, bridal portraits, and family photos

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Series for the brides: Bridal Style Bag

Weddings are stressful! I’m providing some tips to make your day go smooth.  This is the 3rd in the series.  Be sure to check out the fist about the getting ready shots and another about first looks.

I love photographing wedding details! I’ll have you gather your wedding details beforehand so that I can photograph them before the wedding while I’m also photographing the getting ready shots.   It will be helpful to have your items in a bag for me to grab.   Here are a few things to put in your bridal style bag…

-Wedding invitation
-Save the date
-Bridal shoes
-Bridal jewelry 
-Bridal bouquet
-Personalized gifts for the bridesmaids and or groomsmen
-Swatches of significant lace or fabric
-Heirloom pieces
-Rings (I might photograph them while you’re getting ready and at the reception)

wedding veil

wedding dress

wedding detail

wedding dress hanging

wedding rings on golf course

wedding rings close up
bridal flowers orange

details bridal shoes with flowers

wedding rings details
wedding rings

wedding rings details Also another plug for going the extra distance for that awesome wedding gown shot by purchasing a personalized wedding dress hanging.  There are a ton of options to fit your style.  Here is one of my favorites! 

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Series for the brides: First Look

Weddings are stressful! I’m providing some tips to make your day go smooth.  This is the 2nd in the series.  Be sure to check out the fist about the getting ready shots.  

By now I’m sure you’ve heard the term “first look”.  It’s basically the same as seeing each other before the ceremony.  I am a wedding photographer so this may be a little biased towards prioritizing photography, but there are more reasons than just photography to consider doing a first look.  On your wedding day, clients are number one and I really think that by having a first look that your day will go a lot smoother. 

Traditionally couples don’t see each other before the ceremony.  Have you ever thought where this tradition comes from? The tradition comes from when marriages were arranged and the couple were meeting for the first time at the time of marriage.  According to CNN not seeing each other before the ceremony was giving the couple a chance to change their mind about the arranged marriage.  This is a nice way of saying they might change their mind about marriage if they didn’t like the way the other person looked! Yikes! 

Even though that’s not the reason today (!!) you’ll need to decide if you want to do a first look.  Here are just a few reasons I’ve complied for you…

  1.  It makes you less nervous
    I was terrified of everyone looking at me when the doors opened at my wedding! In my experience, most couples are really nervous before the wedding.  It’s not about if they’re getting cold feet, it’s about having all those emotions all together.  I think having a first look calms your nerves because you see each other in a private setting.  There are a lot of details that go into a wedding day.  Depending on your personality there can be a lot of built up anxiety about all the details working together.  Having a first look can organize your day better.  This give you more alone special time with your groom.  Having a first look and seeing your significant other can help you to calm down and have a special moment.  I wanted to see my husband before the ceremony so that we could have a special moment to ourselves and not in front of everyone! 
  2. Less Risky
    There are many things that can go wrong on the wedding day! Planning on a first look puts the timing into your own hands.  I’ve seen it over and over again after the ceremony the bride and groom are excited and tired and just want to get to the ceremony.  Photos they claim they REALLY want beforehand get sidelined and in the end they choose not to do them because they just really want to relax at the reception.  If getting to your cocktail hour quicker sounds more appealing to you,  then a first look is for you! 
  3. It’s still special
    Since you’ve been dreaming about your wedding day for forever you’ll want it to be special! You can still have a special moment with your significant other with a first look AND the moment you walk down the aisle.  Many moments of the day will go by in a blur but even if you choose to go a first look, you’ll still remember seeing your significant other when the doors fly open.
  4. More photos! 
    If photos are important to you then I highly recommend the first look! You’ll have more photos and time for more of a variety of photos.  
  5. Time of day
    You’ll definitely want to aim for the best time of day for your photos! I’ll go more into that in a later post.  Typically this means two hours before sun set or 2 hours after the sun rises.  If for some reason this isn’t possible, then you’ll want to factor in lighting situations for your photos.  In some cases the sun will have already set by the time the ceremony is over and you won’t have any sun for your photos! You’ll definitely want to avoid inside photos so to get around this you might consider a first look so that you’ll have enough daylight.  

Enjoy this photos from first looks! The last photo if one of my favorites of a wedding party.  The couple did a first look so there was plenty of time to do more wedding party shots.  

bride and groom flippen park

first look bride and groom

first look bride and groom in forest

first look bride and groom

first look bride and groom

first look bride groom

wedding party

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