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Thank you for having me photograph your kids!


I've received a lot of feedback asking if i can offer my school photos "a-la-carte".  So i've taken away all of the collections and you can now purchase any combination you want, no minimum order, and an option to either pick up at the school or ship it to your house.  As long as you order within the 2 week order period. 

Remember your password is your child's birthday MMDD

I'd love to have any feedback about the ordering process! 

PROMOTION: if you order any digitals the prints are 20% off. 
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I'd love to feature your child's photo on my website, printed material, and social media.  If you did not fill out a release form, can you please do so now? It helps get the word out for BETTER school photos! Your child's name and school will never be associated with the photo. FILL OUT RELEASE HERE

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Custom Gallery Design
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Wall art design

Did you know I can design you a custom wall art gallery? Think of it as a wall make-over.  The price is $65 and includes three different wall designs in your home - using your existing photos. That service price goes back into the purchase of a wall gallery. The photos can be those I've taken, you've taken, or those you have professional printing rights to.  

There are three easy steps. 

1) Follow my steps to take photos of your wall and send over your photos

2) I send over the digital mock-up of your walls with your photos in my products sized correctly

3) You choose which design you like and purchase for your home.  Installation services also available. 

Wall galleries start at $450. 


If you want this service.  Sign up using the "Add to Cart" button.   



Q: What is my kid's password?
A: Simple - it's their birthday "MMDD".  If your child was born on September 19, your password is "0919". If you have more than one child, all of your photos will be in ONE gallery.  Use your oldest child's birthday for the password. 

Q: How will I know how to order? 
A: There will be a tutorial. 

Q: How will my photos arrive?
A: Photos and products will arrive at the school for you to pick up with your child.  This helps keeps cost low for wholesale prices.  I will do my best so that it is convenient and packaged well.  I know there are sometimes a lot of things to pick up from school. Digital files will be a digital download that will arrive to your email inbox (further instructions on "how-to" video and in email). There is an option to ship to your house ("ship to me") during checkout. 

Q: Do you retouch my photos? 
A: I include basic retouching on each photos, making sure the light, contrast, and skin tones look right.  Above that I offer more complex retouching as an add-on.  The add-on is offered for all of the photos you purchase and include removing stray hairs, skin imperfections, teeth whitening, and small clothing stains.  I do have a pack of wipes when I photograph your kids to have them wipe their faces and noses before hand.  

Q: Can we see the frames? 
A: Yes!   Each frame is featured at the bottom of this post.  You will need to know the name of the frame you want to buy if you are buying a collection - the name of the frame will go in the "photographer notes" section during check-out.  

Q: How long will we have to order? 
A: After viewing, there will be a 2 week order period.  After that period, there is a $15 shipping fee to your house. You will receive an email reminder for the expiration.