Krisann’s Family Shoot in Prosper Texas

This family has a very special place in my photography heart.  I photographed their family three (or so!) years ago while living in North Carolina and then the CRAZY part of the story was that I ran into Krisann and Kevin in a random Chick Fil-A around here.  Krisann and Kevin’s kids are so super awesome. They are so nice, sweet, and polite.  I was trying to think of a word to describe their family: Easy.  They are up for anything and happy to do so.  I’m so happy to work with you guys again! I had such a fun time! The session was at Luscombe Farms in Anna and then the grain silos in Prosper.  We recreated a family photo that I took of them a long time ago but I didn’t want to post it in case it’s a surprise Christmas photo. Once Christmas is over I’ll happily post it because it’s so super cute to see how much their kids have grown.  krisanngeorgeweb-01








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Mini Sessions

It may not feel like fall around here in Dallas but it’s getting slowly closer! This being my second fall in the area I’m not truly convinced Dallas actually has a fall.  Many people have been asking for fall mini-sessions, here they are!  This is a great way to catch up on a needed family photo, use the photo for Christmas cards, or use the photo as a gift! It’s a win win!

Date: November 12, 2016

Time: Choose any 30 minute time from the list below

Location: in Carrollton but will be delivered to you via email after sign up

Price: $75 for 30 minutes, digital download of images, personal printing rights and limited posting rights, chance to use the photo for a really awesome designed holiday card that can double as a gift!


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Consider viewing video I posted on what to wear to fall photo shoot:

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What to Wear to a Family Portrait Session Part 2

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What to wear to a fall family portrait session Part 1


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Fall Family Sessions

When is the best time for family photos? The Fall! It is really my favorite time of year for portrait session.  The lighting is great, weather is cooler, and the colors are just amazing.  The Fall is when schools do their own school pictures, but a portrait session will get you better (and more) photos of your kids and more than one family photo.  Contact me to set up your fall photo session (starting in October).  Prices begin at $180 for an hour session.

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My second born! My first went to full time school today and so FINALLY I have some time to breath so we did a mini shoot.  Some photographers have a bazillion photos of their kids.  Very true for Phoenix, my first.  When I had Adelaide (my second) I was determined to have great professional photos of her.  SUPER BIG TIME FAIL.  She has great newborn photos, mostly thanks to the fact I didn’t have a C-section like with Phoenix so I could actually move.  After newborn photos there are maybe five nice photos of her.  I think it’s a combo of moving to American from Asia and also feeling like two kids is actually a hundred.  She was such a great little model!






Totally her idea to put her hands in her pockets. So glad she actually had pockets, because when she doesn’t have pockets and wants pockets she just puts things down her pants, ha!



This one is just her personality!






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New Baby Caleb

Welcome to the world, Caleb! Caleb is enthusiastically welcomed into the world by the best big sister ever, Chloe.  She is very much into helping and taking care of her baby.  Thank you for letting me help you remember these tiny sweet days! I also featured Sarah’s maternity photos on here and here not too long ago.  CalebNBweb-8











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Harper and Sadie

Meet Harper (3) and Sadie (9 months)! Aren’t they squishably cute? I can tell their mom has really good taste from the dresses she specially ordered for their session.  Harper was my friend from our first words. Sadie, was a little more difficult to make friends with but in the end she gave me the sweetest smile.  So beautiful!Geroge-1


Thank you!

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Happy 16th Allyson

The lovely Allyson! Allyson is turning 16 on Thursday.  She’s so gorgeous! The first thing I noticed about her were her lovely eyes.  She definitely rocks the smiling with the eyes look.  I love this first posted photo.  It actually was one of the last photos I took.  If I was granted a photographer’s wish I would want my clients to be relaxed like they are at the end all throughout the session.  Magic happens in those last moments.  It’s so wonderful. It’s the culmination of photographer and client getting to know each other to create a great comfortable experience.  Happy birthday Allyson! I hope you have an awesome day relaxing at the spa.





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Sample Wedding Images


Some of the images have my previous business logo on it (2point5d).  All images were taken by me, Kaitlin Roten.

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