Too good not to share

I usually just post one sneak peak per photo session….but….I loved this one so much that it was too good not to share.  This photo screams LITTLE BOYS!!! Love it!

toddler boy

The light is also so so so so …. so so so so dreamy! Want to know why??? Golden light.  Golden light occurs twice per day.  Once in the morning and once in the evening.  It happens an hour after sunrise and and hour before sunset.

In the summer golden hour can be tricky because it’s sometimes as early as 6:30am and as late as 8pm.  This can be hard for the little ones. But if you can swing it (and I really hope you can!) it will make everyone look creamy and dreamy.  Once summer is over the times get a little more reasonable.

Did you see that my last October weekend date to grab is October 29th?  That’d be 7:30am or 6:15pm. Take it while you can!!

Location {of the above image} Trinity River Park in Ft. Worth, Texas

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What to wear Wednesday: Keeping in thrifty!

I’m sure you’ve heard of poshmark! Super great to get some awesome deals.  It’s a GREAT place to find an awesome outfit for your FALL photos! I’m transitioning today in talking all about fall photos!

I’m loving the color yellow for fall photos.  (That’s what I’m planning on wearing for our fall photos..stay tuned!!)

Look at this awesome Nordstom’s Boho Fringe Kimono with a tad of yellow in it! It also complies with my style guide to choose lighter colors for portraits.  AND GUYS…’s $8!!! Whatttt???? That’s just drop everything you’re doing and head over there to get it NOW! Yikes!!!

This is from an awesome stylist Brittany Thomas.  You should check her shop out and come back to check out as she updates it regularly.

This is my first (probably of MANY!) announcement that I’m working with her and a bunch of other local vendors on an awesome wedding styled shoot coming your way in late September.

And one more mention about Fall Photos – If you’re hoping for an October weekend session then contact me now, lickety-split!  I have just 1 spot left (October 29th!) – is it going to go to you?? Time would be either at 7:30am or 6:15pm.  (I go into the why about these times in my style guide that also comes with booking a session with me! It’ll help you also with MORE what to wear!)


Thanks for reading my what to wear Wednesdays!

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Landen is (almost!) 4!

client wall artWhen I corresponded with Landen’s mom for the first time I just knew that his eyes were going to be a show stopper.  Just like she said, they really do change color – and are so beautiful! Landen will be 4 in January (which I feel like is RIGHT around the corner – it could be just me hoping for a break from 100F temps!).  He’s so full of energy and a typical toddler who loves to run, fall, and be silly! Happy (early!!) birthday Landen! Landen at 4

landen almost 4 sitting

Landen sitting on railroad tracks

Location: Trinity River Park in Ft. Worth, Texas

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Holden & Avery

I was SO looking forward to this photo shoot! I hadn’t seen Avery since she was super tiny and didn’t know what she looked liked.  As she got out of the car all I saw was this gorgeousness…

THE HAIR!!! Goodness gracious that is one beautiful head of hair!!! In all my 10 years of photographing people I think she gets the award for BEST HAIR!!! A-MAZING!!! It was that kind of hair you just can’t help yourself run your fingers through someone else hair (a little creepy but hey she’s 2!).


I had plans to photograph them and their momma on this gorgeous old truss bridge. The amazing outfit that I had ordered for this shoot did NOT arrive!!! It was so so so so very sad.  I was looking forward to this outfit for WEEKS! But when life gives you lemons make some lemonade or something magical.  And so we did.  Instead of the bridge (we will just save that for later!) we danced and played in the grass and ferns.

I think he learned this from his dad – who had his FIRST day as a FIREFIGHTER TODAY!!!

Sweet sibling love… for 5 seconds. 

THIS photo is why I LOVE LOVE LOVE photographing kids.  You get these GREAT raw expressions that adults don’t give and they’re SO beautiful!!!


So special! I really hope that despite the lack of the amazing mom outfit (ohhhh still so sad!) that this mini-shoot made a Mom and a Dad (and other family!) truly APPRECIATE these two.  That’s what photos do! Help you freeze time and appreciate them in the good and hard moments:)

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Caleb is 1!

Caleb is 1!!! I have loved photographing him this last year! It’s such a treat to see the little ones grow up.  Happy Birthday little guy! See how much he’s grow by looking at his newborn photos!

client wall art

Love seeing photos from all of our sessions throughout the year!

baby boy

baby boy

baby boy

baby boy

baby boy

baby boy

mmm…delicious….mmmmmbaby boy

baby boy

baby grumpy faces are so cute not to share:) baby boy

baby boy

Location: Central Park in Frisco

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She said YES! Tyler and Alanna

She said YES!!! I had the awesome privileged of photographing Tyler proposing to Alanna hovering over the Ft. Worth Stockyards.  It was so so so so so so so amazing!  Tyler hired me in secret so I was posing as a photographer just tagging along on their ride to take a tour of the city.  I’m totally not an aerial photographer (I really don’t think my aerial shots are really amazing either) so I was hoping she wasn’t going to see my not-so-awesome lens for aerial photography — I think that is just a geeky photography thing to think about, I’m pretty sure she didn’t even notice.

Tyler had great music as we were hovering and he was pouring his heart out – just in case you’re wondering you can mute the back passenger’s conversations so the pilot and co-pilot (that was me!) can’t hear.

Congratulations Tyler and Alanna! Thank you guys SO MUCH!!!

This is one of my most favorite things about being a photographer – I get the chance to be apart of people’s lives in such an intimate way! Tyler and Alanna, years later when you look back at these photos I hope that they will stir up those emotions you felt at this point in your relationship and help you appreciation each other more and more.

proposal photography

LOVE this shot of them!!

aerial shot of ft worth texas motor stadium

Texas Motor Speedway – even from up above this place is IMPRESSIVE! aerial ft worth


aerial ft worth

Tarant County Courthouse – I photographed Wil and Haleigh’s wedding here – it’s SO BEAUTIFUL inside! couple proposal couple proposal



aerial ft worth

This is one of the funny things we saw – only in Texas do you have swimming pools shaped like your state.

The helicopter tour was hosted by Epic Helicopters.  Highly recommend them – they’re so great.  The tour is individualized so really whatever you want to see they make it happen.  It was also very private.

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What to wear Wednesdays: What we wore!

Just a disclaimer – I totally don’t have it all together clothing wise! Most of the time I regrettably sport the workout clothes because I’ve found I get so grumpy in this Texas heat if I am outside with my kids NOT wearing exercise clothes.  I don’t even want to move! Lately I’ve been trying my hardest to step up my game (and still play with my kids!) I am on the road towards being a recovering habitual yoga pant wearer.  

But anyway…it was SO MUCH FUN picking out our outfits for our family photo session! It definitely took several trips to different stores (and returns!) but I REALLY love the way the colors and textures turned out.  Big thanks to my photographer friend Konnor Stringham (from Konnor Quest Photography) who photographed us! I also love the location – the Carrollton greenbelt.  I love all the different greens, layers of grass, and a few wild flowers.

Something that I found was super helpful in picking out my kids outfits from Once Upon A Child.  They sort by COLOR! How awesome is that if you already know generally what color you want? I definitely stuck with the lighter colors because it pops more light on faces – and it’s all about the faces, right?  My kids’ faces are so so so cute!

I also found it really helpful to not bring my husband but a friend shopping (shout out to you Jess!). I couldn’t decide between the gold skirt and the blue chiffon skirt so I totally cheated on the one outfit rule, but changed lightening fast while the kids and my husband were being photographed.  It was such a quick change – I just pulled the blue skirt on over the gold then unzipped the gold and VIOLA! I think I did this simultaneously making monkey noises for the kids to have fun!

Thanks again Konnor! We LOVE THEM!!!

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Why does photography cost so much?

Just a warning before you read this: I’m not trying to convince you to buy a portrait session from me.  I just think it’s important for you to know what actually goes into a photo session so that you can be more informed.  I hope that this article can speak about the blood, sweat, and tears that most professional photographers put into their work.

Why does photography costs so much?

family tea party

Let’s take my 2 hour session, where you get 2 locations, any combo of people within the 2 hours, digital images, printing and posting rights.  This session is priced at $310. (Let me just say also that some photographers think that I’m selling my soul when I include the digital download in my sessions.  So keep in mind that getting the images is VERY valuable, you’re getting an original piece of art!!!!) I want to keep giving the digital images because we live in a digital age – and honestly if I was having a session I’d totally want that! I want to give you what I would want!

Now, it would seem that I pocket $155 per hour based off of this fee.  That I’m actually making $155 as opposed to the minimum wage of $7.25 if I were working at a minimum wage place.  There is a lot of extra time and expenses that the client doesn’t actually see that goes into figuring the cost for each session.  For instance, for the 2 hour session, I don’t  just spend 2 hours on the session, here is the break down of time spent on a 2 hour session (so you can fairly divide this time in half if you’re interested in time spent on the 1 hour session).

1 hour prep before the session (includes emailing client, consultation of what to wear, possibly shopping for fun portrait props like balloons, bubbles, pin wheels, baskets, flowers, etc.)
30 Travel time (this varies obviously with every shoot but on average I spend 30 minutes going to the location, scoping out spots to shoot, and the travel home)
2 hours on location shooting
2-4 hours post editing (for me this is downloading images off of CF card, backing them up on external HD, choosing which ones are keepers, editing them in Lightroom, making your printing/posting rights, resizing your images to upload to my print service, uploading the images to my print service, emailing you that your images are done and that you can see them, contract, printing/posting rights) This only takes into account what I’m doing on your photo session.  This doesn’t take into account answering emails, networking, hustling my business – all that I actually don’t get paid for.  So I might have done this before your session to actually get your business – it’s the behind the scenes.
There is also more time put in when clients order prints or any other add-ons that could be tagged onto this hourly calculation

Total hours spent on a 2 hour session: about 7 hours (So actually I might make $1/hour….oh my goodness)

What also goes into this price calculation is: (So it’s not like I’m really pocketing that hourly fee that you just calculated)

-Business expenses
-Photography experience/education
-Cost of upkeep of equipment or NEW/USED equipment

You might just think that I have 1 or 2 bills to pay as a business owner.  Right now there are a TON of photographers, and I think it’s somewhat because they just think they need a camera and a lens.  There are actually A TON of things that go into actually having a business.  I have thought about each one and truly don’t like to waste money (by now you’re may be getting my point that I don’t actually have money to throw around!) and they serve to make business run smoother and/or to be more professional, after all I am offering a professional service here.

Here are just a sample of bills that needs to be paid in this category I’m calling..

Business Expenses

Service Fee for Invoices (each client gets an invoice so they know their total before I spring it upon them this also serves as a receipt)
Service Fee for accepting Credit Cards (so you can pay your way)
Advertising Fees (which I rarely use because they don’t really work and I have no money!) Networking does work so this is where I like to spend this money or really time
Gas for all those miles I drive to locations and deliveries
–Normal business supplies (paper, ink, printer, staples, etc.)

So those are just some obvious ones.

Photography experience/education

I actually went to school for photography so I know a lot about the art of composition and how to use my camera.  This is more than a person who picks up a camera and offers photo sessions for $25 (nothing personally against someone starting out – I was there once too!).  I look and study posing so that you look your best in your photographs (you do want to look good, right?). The camera doesn’t add 10 pounds, the photographer does.  And I’ve totally been that photographer who didn’t know that…but now I know…that’s why I pay to study posing.   The reason why a lot of people don’t charge a lot for their photography, is because they don’t have experience.  This is what I did, when I first started out I had to prove myself, so I made my prices really low so that I could actually get clients.    Everyone knows that usually you pay for what you get.  If you’re willing to pay that $25 for the person next door to take your photographs then you probably are going to get $25 worth of photography not the “Wow this is great and I’m going to enlarge this to be the 24×36” mantle print!!!” I want your photos to live on well past the time period that they were taken in.  I want you to experience the power of your photos – the appreciation you feel toward your loved ones in your photos.  This is really important to me! If just one person feels appreciation toward their loved ones and not hate/anger/resentment/discontent because of their photos for just ONE MINUTE I feel like I am successful at what I am doing.

Cost of Upkeep of Equipment

So it’s no secret that photography costs a lot.  I think one of the most common comments I get when people see my camera for the first time is “wow that must cost a lot”! Yup, you’re right! Photography would be a ridiculously expensive hobby of mine, so I’m glad it’s not just a hobby! I would have a hard time justifying purchases that cost so much if it were just a hobby! A nice camera body can run you over $2000 and that’s not even accounting for the lens you’ll need! Those can cost somewhere around that to even more! And then there is flashes ($500+) and other gadgets that actually make your photographs better.  Oh and did I mention the external hard drives you need to keep all of these photographs ($100+).  I haven’t even talked about the price of editing software Lightroom ($$) and all the other things that come with it.  Professional photography also requires a really nice computer.  My husband built me mine (hallelujah!) but honestly I’ve been thinking  a laptop would be a great way to showcase my work to potential clients and work on-the-go.  (Adding that to my long wish list….)

Now I haven’t even mentioned the cost of actually living, like food, rent, etc.  I’m not even factoring that in to this equation.

Something also that has been on my heart (now that I have a family) is although I LOVE photography and giving people that appreciation they need for their loved ones – photography is my job and requires me to take time away from the ones I love.  That is so precious I can’t even really put a monetary value on it.

Phew! That stresses me out just thinking about all of that stuff!

So I hope that after you’ve read this you understand a little why professional photography created by a professional costs so much! I’m certainty not trying to rob you! Please leave your comments/questions, your Amens and hallelujahs!

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The Berry Family

Sneak peak of this fun beautiful family session! I feel like this age of kids is SUPER important to have family photos because the kids are

  1. usually naked — OR—
  2. have cheerios stuck in very unusual folds in their necks.

But most importantly is this stage is super super hard and having family photos really helps us to appreciate the ones closest in our lives! And we all need a little more appreciation to go around, right?

I have some tricks up my sleeve to help keep the little ones happy so that you can get these family photos to help you remember how little these ones are!

family of 4 in field

Cute brother and sister! Nice pose, Whit! I didn’t even ask you to squat, but I LOVE it:) You just never know what your going to get from the little ones. brother and sister

family of four in field

toddler girl in white dress

couple in fieldSuch a sweet face from Myla here!

family of 4 in field

Love the blue eyes with the darker blue on the outside! baby boy with blue eyes

Location: Friends on Furneaux Creek on the Carrollton Greenbelt

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Surprise! Baby Cohen is here!

Cohen came a whopping three weeks early! I say “whopping” because it’s a big deal to be 9 months pregnant in heat like this! I’m sure his mommy is very happy to not be pregnant anymore and get to hold this super snugly super cute baby boy.  He was the best baby to photograph! Very sleepy and content.  I love his hair and his birthmarks – so sweet.

newborn boy

His Aunt made this cute crochet hat and diaper cover! newborn as dinosaur

His parents have three (just had 4!) rescue dogs, so this outfit is so perfect for him! He didn’t really flinch when the dogs came close to sniff and lick him! newborn baby with puppy outfit

newborn boy with puppy hat

newborn boy with dinosaurs

newborn baby blue hat

newborn boy with puppiesWelcome to this world little guy!

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What to wear Wednesday’s – cold shoulder dress for your little girl

Back again for What to Wear Wednesday’s! If you missed my last post be sure to check it out for your little dapper boys…this week is all about the sweet little girls in your lives.

Just so you know, all my clients when booking receive my exclusive style guide that helps them choose time of day, location, tricks and tips, and clothing suggestions. Today’s suggestion comes straight from my recommendation of putting your little girls in dresses for your photo experience. If you haven’t checked out my previous posts about this check here and here or to see all search “what to wear” in the search tab in the upper right.

Meet Donna Van Pham from Arlington, Texas.
Designer and creator of baby and children clothing specifically highlighting her adorable and stylish “cold shoulder” little girl dresses. All custom made.
Currently the blush floral and red and white are in 2T and READY to be shipped to YOU! (I’m talking to you!!)
Her store also has little girl choker dresses as well as shift dresses. Her prices are awesome! They are as much (or less!) as you would pay in a store but they’re custom made! Any first order with sydneyjadeco will get 10% off. Please DM her for code.
Donna says she’s “living my dream and tackling one thing at at time. I grew up wearing and watching my mom making handmade clothes for all eight of us siblings. And now here I am making clothes for my daughter and I hope that you all love my creation.”

When you look your best you act your best.
This style never goes out of style.

Having professional photographs taken is an enjoyable experience that produces tangible memories. Documenting this time helps retain memories for all those involved. Time flies by too fast to forget the little feet and little hands that occupied all of your time. Even after the session when you hang these photos you see and feel how you felt about each other in that moment. It helps you appreciate those in your family, everyone needs a little more appreciation in their lives!
Partnering with SydneyJadeco to help your little girl look super sweet and fashionable for your photo experience. Looking their best will help them retain their memories and help them to act their best (along with my other techniques!) during their session.

So head over to her etsy shop and support a small business AND have your little girl look stunning in your photos!

And just look at this awesome dress that would be PERFECT for a little girl birthday sessions?

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Danielle Bridal

After a long day of work with a photo session at evening golden hour, I usually come home and crash but this time Danielle’s portraits were just too beautiful for me to give in to sleep. I stayed up WAY to late swooning over them, nothing 4 cups of coffee can’t fix the next day! From the moment I met Danielle (and Felix too!) they were the perfect couple that I dreamed about photographing! Isn’t Danielle’s sweet heart neckline amazing?! I also LOVE her hair and am so glad she had in down in her portraits.  In fact I loved her portraits so much that one is going on my new business cards and a huge canvas print for a new wedding venue open house at The Nest at Ruth Farms on June 11 at 3:300-6:00 in Ponder, Texas.   bride portraits torso looking off camera

bridal portrait full gown with trees

bridal portrait

bride with flowers

bridal portrait addison texas

bride portraits looking at camera

bride with veil

bridal portrait addison texas

bride with dress in back


bridal portrait torso golden hour

bridal portrait of full dress

Wedding dress from LuLu’s Bridal Boutique
Location: Vitruvian Park, Addison, Texas

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What to wear Wednesdays: For the little gentlemen

Today I’m partnering with London Jae Apparel from Ft. Worth.  She has an etsy shop that sells these cute little boy suspenders and bow-ties.   These will definitely help your little ones to look super studly for your photo experience!

How is style important family photos?

Having professional photographs taken is an enjoyable experiences that produces tangible memories.  Documenting this time helps retain memories for all those involved.  Time flies by too fast to forget the little feet and little hands that occupied all of your time.  Even after the session when you hang these photos you see and feel how you felt about each other during in that moment.  It helps you appreciate those in your family, everyone needs a little more appreciation in their lives!

Looking their best will help them retain their memories and help them to act their best (along with my other techniques!) during their photo session.

London Jae Apparel is owned by Synthia Davis who is a mom, designer, and stylist.

“I  have always been interested in women’s fashion however raising 2 boys has sparked a passion for styling boys. Nine years ago my efforts to style London Jae often let me empty handed and discouraged. It seemed as though finding fashionable clothing for boys at an affordable price was virtually impossible. From that experience, London Jae Apparel was born. I love running London Jae Apparel yet my greatest job will always be mom to London & Knightley!”

She suggest wearing the vintage inspired suspenders  for all the dressy occasions, they also look perfect with a t-shirt and denim and her LJA oxford shoes. Her kids always get lots of compliments! I’d love to see my clients in these!


Ok and guys GUESS WHAT?!!! London and Jae Apparel is so generous to offer a DISCOUNT CODE!!! If you head over to her Etsy shop you can be apart of an exclusive 10% off deal! Just enter “KAITLIN10” to receive the discount code! THANK YOU SO MUCH to London Jae Apparel for this!

I’d also like to point of the super affordable prices of her items in her shop already! $8.75-18.99 depending on size and style.

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Happy Birthday Milo!

This kid! Milo is almost 2! Isn’t his outfit so perfect? I LOVE IT! I had to work pretty hard at getting this guy to smile for me – but it was totally worth it – so sweet! He was such a great model and listener.  Courtney and Jenn are going to look back on these photos even when he’s just a few months older and marvel at how much he’s grown! Even through the challenges of raising kids – photographs (especially having the photos on display in your houses) help us appreciate our family members.  Everyone needs a little more appreciation in our lives, right?

I love love love ideas for family photo sessions.  The are super sweet and cute AND the biggest advantage is that they keep the littles entertained, involved in doing something, and not focused on taking photos but having fun.  I love getting playing and walking photos to accomplish this, but when you have a theme the shoot has more possibilities for different sets of photographs.  Courtney, Jenn, and Milo had a really cute tea party! Set with a tiered tray, cups and saucers, adorable teacup, and yummy munchies. (Psst! Check out the bottom of this post for different ideas for your family’s themed photo shoot!)

toddler boy in blue shirt

I love showing outtakes from shoots.  Parenting is so like this…”you guys stand over here and look really snugly and cute…Milo you sit over here right next to me and I’m going to take some photos while you get a break…” 1 minute later…he totally walks in the shot! I love this image though because it is so real!

family outtakes

This image…ahhhh… so beautiful!

couple portrait

Their cute tea party details! Milo said he was serving coffee..not tea.  tea party detail

family tea party

Also because I always like to comment on a good set of outfit choices – here it is! It looks so effortless but I know that much thought was given into colors and what kind of outfits – it’s so great! Way to go guys! family tea party

Location: Carrollton, Texas; AW Perry Homestead Museum

Different ideas for your family’s themed photo shoot:
-Milk and cookies splurge
-Watermelon feast
-Bucket bubble bath
-Baseball field family game
-Family field day events
-Family Olympics
-Joint canvas painting and paint fight
-Pajama party
-Lemonade stand
-Camping themed

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The Reidys

The first time I ever heard of Molly was when my son came home from school and we looked at a picture of all the kids in their class’ Lego creations.  If you know anything about our family we are SERIOUS Lego enthusiasts.  We totally judged the Lego creations and Molly’s was the best! Fast forward about two years and now Phoenix says Molly is his best friend.  I’m not sure how good Brian and Paula Lego creations are but they’ve become close friends too! We are so grateful for them!

girl sitting in field

On my 10 mile runs I’ve been scoping great spots around the Carrollton Greenbelt to take portraits at – here is one of them! So much green! It reminds me of the east coast spots that I had to take photos.  couple pose

couple laughing

family of three

girl in field

mom and daughter

family of three

Location: Carrollton Texas Greenbelt Furneaux and Cemetery Hill

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Time to schedule your senior shoots

School is almost out here and summer is about to start! Now is the time to schedule your senior shoots! Summer is a great time to knock these out so that you aren’t scrambling in the fall to get these done. My summer is filling up fast so better to get on the schedule! Senior sessions are for 2 hours, 2 locations, multiple clothing changes, digital images, professional printing options, and my style guide (as always!).  The style guide will help you decide what to wear and where to have your session.  My clients tell me they absolutely LOVE the guide and it has helped them plan every detail of their shoot.  The senior sessions are priced at $310.  You can also get the whole family together to add to the senior session for a family photo…bonus!

Allyson Photo Shoot

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What to wear Wednesdays: Color choice

If you missed my last “what to wear Wednesdays: slight casual engagement session” check it out here.  I also have several other clothing suggestion posts for guys for spring portraits, family sessions, and the ladies for their spring sessions.

When I first started doing photography (nearly 10 years ago – whhhatttt???) I mostly suggested choosing the coloring of clothing you felt most comfortable in.  I always remember my grandma and mom saying that I look best in bright colors so for me I often leaned toward choosing brighter colors for photos.  I also am that person who chooses a paint sample and goes for the paint on the brighter bolder side! As I’ve been photographing throughout the years now, I recommend choosing softer more neutral colors for your outfit choice.  In my professional opinion, light colors compliment the skin better and compliment golden hour colors from the sun better (which is when I suggest scheduling your portrait session).  It also takes the attention away from what you’re wearing and puts it on your face!  And from a technical perspective it allows the sun to light up your face making for a brighter and crispier photo!

So for today’s images I wanted to show you the difference between choosing a bold color for clothing verses a more subtle color.  I recently did preschool photos (it was such a good experience too!) and like I always do I gave the parents some clothing suggestions.  The suggestions included choosing more subtle colors.  The first time around the sweetest little girl wore a beautiful dress and then for re-takes she wore a light pink dress. The differences in the photos are AWESOME! Her parents both agreed that the light dress suited for photo much better. (By the way I totally asked if I could share this story!)


toddler girl in chair light pink dress

Isn’t she SO cute???? The first photo is totally a great photo (if I do say so myself!) but I think the second photo takes the attention away from her outfit and puts it on her cute little face! I can see the second photo displayed in their house for many many years:)


I also give all my clients a very detailed “How to Style your Portrait Session” guide when you book.  It goes over this and much more!

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What to Wear Wednesdays: Slightly Casual Engagement Session

Here’s another plug for my style guide that I provide my clients to help them make the hard decisions for their photo shoot.  Today’s “what to wear” is for an engagement session but really could be extended for a mom and dad on a family portrait session.  I’ve kept the colors light because I think lighter colors compliment the skin better and l think these colors compliment golden hour colors from the sun better.

I usually recommend a longer dress for the ladies because long, full-length, flowy dresses and skirts look amazing on camera because they bring extra movement to the photos. Especially when juxtaposed with nature, like open fields, forest, or beaches.  I LOVE this mint color – it’s really popular right now and I think it compliments a variety of different skin tones. It’s also a casual dress which is what I hear from a lot of clients that they’re looking for.  This material looks like it would be fairly airy in this Texas heat! This would look nice with a pair of strappy sandals or if you wanted to get a few shots with your cowgirl boots standing in tall grass that’d look great too.

I love this shirt for it’s color (and how it compliments the dress color) and for it’s material.  You can pull off several different looks with this shirt by having the sleeves down or rolled up slightly.  You can also bring along a sport coat to throw on for a quick shot to make your photos look slightly different.

Long fitted pants are the most sophisticated and most masculine and help draw attention away from legs and feet and place the attention on the face. Loose and baggy pants make legs look actually bigger than they are.  I always recommend fitted pants.  These khakis are a great match for the shirt and chances are you might already  have a pair like this.  If you don’t, adding them to your wardrobe won’t be hard because they will get a lot of use out of them.  Finish this look off by wearing a pair of brown closed toed shoes.

Women’s mint dress, Light blue Maxi Dress from Express $49.99

Guy’s Band Collar Linen-Blend Shirt Chalk color from Express $35

Guy’s Skinny Fit Flex Stretch Light Brown Chino Pants from Express $69.90


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MacElroy Spring Shoot

I have a spring shoot to share with you guys today and coral and blue, I love those colors! Reagan and Jackson are so cute and did such a great job considering we had our photo shoot at photographers geek term “golden” hour which also means toddler bedtime.  This time of year is hard scheduling shoots at dreamy light hours and around toddler sleeping time – but they did great! It probably helps that their mom is a Pediatric Sleep Expert – where was she 5 years ago when I needed help with my oldest???? I love these ones we took by the amphitheater.

Vitruvian Park is a really cool place to take photos.  I think I could have spent a good solid three hours going to the different spots that were really cool looking!

Good job looking awesome!

family spring shoot

kid with blue shirt and hat

I love the hat here as an added piece to his outfit!

mom with her kids

two kids

Location: Vitruvian Park, Addison Texas

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Irie – boho styled children portrait

I tried to explain the word “hippy” to Irie as I placed her lace headband boho style on her head.  I wasn’t prepared for a five year old definition of the word.  After I looked at a few photos on the back of my camera I told her that however her photos came out, she could use them to understand the word! I love the colors of her shoot! Irie’s hair is one of her most striking features and I love the way the curls fell and floated in the slight breeze.

As a natural light specialist, it’s really important to choose the right time of day for your shoot! In your style guide (that I send all my clients!) I go more into this.  I love the warm tones as the evening sun in this session!

children photograph in flowers

I love the pop of peonies here! I also go more into detail on what to bring to your photo shoot in your “style guide” when you book.  Details can be a great element to your photo shoot to make it look more like you and unique.

children photograph in flowers, boho kids

children photograph in flowers, boho kids

children photograph in flowers, boho kids

children photograph in flowers, boho kids

children photograph in flowers, boho kids

children photograph in flowers, boho kids

children photograph in flowers, boho kids

children photograph in flowers, boho kids

Location: Carrollton Green belt
This is definitely a favorite place to shoot.  If you missed other locations to have your photo shoot – look here! 

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Pretty Blue Eyes

I am a sucker for blue eyes.  It all started with my husband – beautiful blue eyes.  Then both of my kids got them and now I’m kinda partial.

When we lived in China most times it was the first (or second!) thing the locals pointed out in my kids.  Many people said that they had never seen a blue-eyed in person.  The second thing (if you’re interested) was how white my son’s skin was!

Look at little Mason’s eyes! It works even better because of the choice of color for his shirt.  LOVE this! Such a cute little guy! I also think this photo is sweet because they decided to have their photo shoot at their house.  It will bring special memories of this place for years to come.  Don’t ever rule out your house as a location possibility!

You might have heard me say it before but I think that getting photos of you and your family help you appreciate the people in your life more.  When we look at photos of our family together all the craziness of the day melts away and we slow down and appreciate the time and the people more. Everyone could use a little more of that in their life, right?

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Zack and Lyssa Sneak Peak

I’ve been looking forward to photographing in Dallas for a while now! There are so many nooks and crannies of great spots! I had such a fun engagement session today with Zack and Lyssa.  We started out at Klyde Warner Park (photos to come!), went to Bishop Arts to snag this heart shot, and then to the great Deep Ellum.  It was a long wait to meet this couple and they exceeded my expectations in awesome-ness. I’m so excited to share this sneak peak but can’t wait to post more! Congratulations Zack and Lyssa!

bishop arts hearts sign

engagement couple in deep elllum

engagement couple in deep elllum

engagement couple in deep elllum

engagement couple in deep elllum

“you + me = <3” at 504 N Madison Ave, Dallas
“Forever” at July Ave, Dallas
“Deep Ellumphants” at 3501 Main Street, Dallas

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Boyea Spring Session

Spring is in the air! And so are the Texas blue bonnets.  One of the best things about my job is seeing little ones grow up before the camera! I photographed little Caleb when he was a newborn and again at 4 months and now he’s such a big guy at 8 months! Hair and all! 

family photo

Every mom needs a photo like this with each of their kids.  Everything about this photo is so beautiful!! 
mom and baby

siblings by barn

Usually monogrammed clothing pieces bunch up and the initials are really hard to read in photographs-
but these were so great! kids in basket by barn

baby boy

Location: AW Perry Homestead Museum in Carrollton

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What to wear to your mini-sessions: the men

So you tell your significant other you’ve just scheduled a mini-session with me for spring photos…and he totally rolls his eyes, right? It’s ok! I’m here to help! After booking you’ll receive my complimentary style guide that’ll help you have the right tools to ease his eye rolls. 

When you (and him!) look back on your photos you won’t even remember how he whispered under his breath when you told him about getting photos done.  What you’ll see are AWESOME photos of you and your family that you’ll love for all of time.  They won’t just look awesome, you’ll have a GREAT experience on the shoot to change his experience of having photos taken.  Promise.  

I really think having family photos help you love and appreciate your family even more.  We all need a little more of that in our lives, right? 

Did you see my tips about what women should wear to your spring session? And kids

The most important tip for you guy is TAILORED! Tailored pants will make him look like a hot stud. Because it’ll be spring (and super hot in Texas already) you can have him wear a tailored short sleeve shirt.  If your husband is anything like mine, he gets super grumpy when he’s hot.  So just leave the grumpiness at home and have him wear a tailored short sleeve dress shirt (plain colored or very light pattern).  If he doesn’t have a tailored short sleeved one, go for a long sleeved one.  Tailored is just that important.  You can find affordable examples from H&M, Target, and Old Navy.  

Next time you walk by a JCrew store you’ll see the models have several layers on at a time.  This looks really awesome.  Tell him he’s going to look like a hot stud if he does this.  OR – tell him you want him to try this look so that you can see IF he can look better than the models – guys LOVE competition! 

Read these tips here that I provided earlier about how to style your guy.

So only if he will wears a sports coat can these shirts be successfully pulled off.  You also have to look at any other pattern that you have going on in your family’s clothing choices.  But I think these are stylish examples of what your man can wear.  Pair them with tailored (SLIM) pants and brown closed toes dress shoes to look like a hot stud.  Remember – photo sessions are totally ok to beg and borrow clothes and accessories from friends.  

Guy shirt #1: Slim fit Indigo Patterned Shirt $22
Guy shirt #2: Slim Fit Classic Shirt $12-24.94
Guy shirt #3: Slim fit floral shirt $15.00-20.00
Linen blend blazer $69.94

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What to wear to your family mini-session: kids

Did you see my recommendation for what to wear to your mini-session? I laid out a solid outfit for you! It’s super great! You’ll look A-MAZING!!! I also will post about what your guy should wear..stay tuned.  

So then what do  you put your kids in? You’ll definitely look so super great if you follow my lead in what you’ll wear, so your kids need to follow suit as well.  I’d recommend going with the same foundations what I say for mom and dad.  Mom looks best in dresses (maxi in length if you have squirmy ones that you’ll have to chase after) or skirts — both with heels.  Dad looks most masculine in a tailored shirts and tailored pants.  Same goes with the kids! Here are some options for your kids! In my style guide (which I deliver after booking a session with me!) it will go into detail about all of this.  It will also help you with some ideas of how to prep the others in your house (husband and kids!) as to the importance of this event for you.  

An easy option for your little boys.  Go with khaki slim pants or slim jeans.  Also don’t skimp on the shoes for little boys.  Just like their dads, shoes will make or break the outfit.  Go with brown close toed dress shoes.  Remember – portrait sessions are totally ok to beg and borrow from friends.  You’ll also want to bribe them into putting a tad bit of gel or wax into their hair.  boys blue buttoned up shirt

For your little girls for the safer bet I’d go with a skirt that looked a little like mom’s.  This color goes really well with your skirt that I picked for you and the creamier colors will look awesome! gold sequins skirt

If you’re feeling a little more bolder I think you could do this for your little girl! I LOVE it! I’d definitely recommend cream colored leggings underneath.  But it’s super fun – especially if you have a spunky girl like me 🙂 I’d definitely pair this top with a light pink top – nothing too dramatic! A cute pair of brown booties will complete the look.  
And remember – if you haven’t scheduled your spring mini-session there are only a FEW SPOTS left


Boys shirt: Button Down Shirt by Cat & Jack Blue Stripes $14.99
Girls skirt #1: Tute skirt Cat and Jack – Cream with Gold Sequins $17.99
Girls skirt #2: Multicolor Xhilaration $14.99

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