Hi! I live in North Dallas with my husband and two kids.  I started photographing weddings when I was engaged and newly married and then incorporated families into photography since starting one! Both are important to me because I see how they’re important to me!

Ok, now for the things you actually care about: I think we all need a little more appreciation in our lives!  When you see your photos of your favorite people hanging up in your home you remember how much they mean to you.  I think that goes beyond taking nice photos and putting them on your social media.  It goes beyond generations and generations to have your family experience the way you felt about each other through your photo experience with me.

I love incorporating what I’ve learned in art school into my photography to create a truly unique experience for my clients. I have been photographing since 2001 and have served clients since 2004. I want to capture your family in a real way! I provide clothing suggesting to help assist you to look nice in your photographs, but won’t ever ask you to do anything that makes you feel weird!

I want you to look and feel relaxed and happy in your photos.   I provide simple instructions for posing – most clients are really worried they won’t know what to do! That’s my job! You will always remember how you felt during our shoot and you will take that and apply it to your photos.  You will love them!

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