Kaitlin Roten Photography
Kaitlin Roten Photography
North Dallas Boutique Family Photographer

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Hey there, I’m Kaitlin. I’m your family photographer in North Dallas. 


Hi! I live in North Dallas with my husband, two kids, and our ninja cat.  I started photographing weddings when I was engaged and then incorporated families into photography since starting a family myself! Both are important to me because I see the importance of them every single day of my life.    

I have 5,573 photos on my phone from about 4 years. 

This got me thinking....Your kids have to be the most photographed generation of all time.

With new technology - having a camera wherever you go - you can have SO MANY photos of your kids. Actually I would argue that you have TOO many photos. Right? 5,573 photos is too many!

Are you going to hand down your iCloud library to your kids? Ugh probably not. Because they’re not going to want to go through those thousands and thousands of photos - in fact —— they probably aren’t going to know what an iCloud library or a USB drive is.


What is going to be your photography legacy?

Isn’t it going to be PHYSICAL things?

What are my kids going to get as a legacy of their childhood? The prints and products that I have of them from the photo sessions that we’ve had over the years. For future generations they will be able to see the love that we have for each other- love is not pass down through the the 27,000 photos that I have on my computer - or the 5,000 photos that I have on my iPhone - our love will be experienced through the prints and products that I pass down as our photo legacy. 

Seeing photos in your house on your wall help you to REMEMBER to love and appreciate the ones closest in your life more. Don’t we all need more love and appreciation in our lives? Especially to those who matter most?

So I hope this year brings your family more love and appreciation AND a photo legacy that you can be proud of - and not overwhelmed by.


With love and appreciation,