A Happy Birthday Photo Shoot

A little girl turning 1 is a big deal!

It always makes me really happy when families document their family’s growth when the oldest child is not the baby anymore.

photo wall gallery

I LOVED Justin and Michell’s answer to the question
Q: What is one thing you said you’d never do before you became a parent?
A: Give in as easily and give over the phone in public.

Doesn’t life seem so idyllic before you become parents about parenthood? You don’t really dream about the tantrums that your kids will throw in the restaurant or the few minutes you just need to get something done and are willing to let them do anything.

But through it all we love our kids! Taking photos help us remember that they are the most important people in our lives. Seeing our photos in our house help us love and appreciate them more by reminding us to do that! AND….after the years when they don’t live in your house anymore, you’ll have a tangible photo legacy to hand down to your kids so that they can remember their childhood.

Location: Prairie Creek Park in Richardson, Texas

Places to eat with playgrounds!

I highly recommend coming up with a fun family treat to do after your family photos. The questions is, what could the treat be?

If you’re looking to grab something to eat after your session then you might need to consider these places around the Dallas area that offer dining for you and a play area for your kids! That’s a win-win. Your kids are probably going to want to run around and get some energy out, you’re probably are NOT going to want to cook, and you look FABULOUS…so cozy up in these places with a cold drink and let the kids play!

 family eating dinner in dallas with kids

The Lot

Try the lakewood lemonade and fish tacos while you send the kids out to the sandy playground for hours of entertainment.

7530 E Grand Ave, Dallas, TX 75214

Hat Creek
Very allergy friendly! (and bonus every Tuesday kids are half off from 5pm and on!)

Try the sombrero burger (you can make it skinny with no bun and lettuce wrap) with an ice cold beer on tap.

2 locations in DFW:
8185 Walnut Hill Ln, Suite 1400 Dallas, TX 75231

3321 South Custer Road McKinney, TX 75070

Communion Coffee
There is an old bus, some faux grass and a chalk wall that keeps kids entertained for hours.

Try the avocado deviled eggs!

514 Lockwood Dr #1, Richardson, TX 75080


There is a small dining area that has a huge chalk wall, kid sized tables and a variety of things to entertain little hands while parents can eat their sandwiches, and finish their meal with a popsicle cocktail.

Try the pulled pork or portobello mushroom arepa

5940 Royal Ln, Dallas, TX 75230

Nico’s Cocina

Nico’s has a large patio area with a playground. It can get crowded in the spring and fall on the playground but there is always seating outside available.

Try: Cowboys Enchiladas and a frozen margarita

3065 N. Josey Ln. #24 Carrollton, Tx 75007

La Vista

Our favorite! We have very fun memories here. In fact, as you’re reading this there is a good chance we are here. Say hi! It has an outside covered eating area and an outside playground that seems to have new playground equipment every time we go! Watch the sunset if you haven’t missed it by now.

Try: The brisket tacos and the frozen margaritas are the best.

1012 W Hebron Pkwy W #100, Carrollton, TX 75010

Heritage Pizza and Tap Room

Has an outside playground that is shared with Another Broken Egg Cafe.

Try: the goat and fig pizza and something on their extensive drink menu! I’ve heard on Tuesdays, if you bring a board game kid’s eat free!

3750 Plano Pkwy Suite 600, The Colony, TX 75056

The Magic Time Machine


So this doesn’t technically have a playground, but your kids won’t notice with the fun decorations and costumed servers (such as Superman, Jack Sparrow, and Peter Pan)

Try: sharing the rack of ribs

5003 Beltline Road Dallas, TX 75254

The String Bean'


Try: Pecan toasted Tilapia and their ice cream!

1310 W Campbell Rd, Richardson, TX 75080

 eating in dallas with kids
Pre-session planning meeting

Do you like when people listen to you?

One of my pet peeves is when people are more interested in themselves when I’m trying to talk to them about something that is important to me. It’s a give a take relationship because you think what you’re talking about is important but at the same time you have to listen to the other person because they’re important too. It’s a mind swirling kind of thing.

It’s something we emphasis in our home every single day. Other people are important, they’re more important than ourselves. Treat other people as more important than you.

So that’s what I bring to the pre-session planning meeting.

Usually this happens in your home and I come and sit and listen to you. I’ll ask you a few leading questions, but I’m really there to listen to what you say. Because it’s IMPORTANT, you’re important!

Here are some of the questing I might ask (this isn’t based off of a script so they’re never the same!)

  1. When was the last time you had photos taken?

  2. What was that like? 

  3. Where do you see your photos from our session living in your home?

  4. What are some characteristics of your kids that you want me to focus on during the

    photo session?

  5. What do the photos look like that you've always imagined on the walls of your home?

So why do you have to answer all these questions?

Well you’re important to me! Also, it sets up both up for success! I always give this example…

If you’ve always dreamed of having square photos in your living room, but you never tell me…then you might get photos that you’re disappointed with. If I don’t ask - or don’t listen…then I’ll never know this about you! Not all photos can be cropped as squares!

 This photo’s crop is very tight! I would suggest using a rectangle crop instead.  The sisters on the end look like they’re being pushed out of the family!

This photo’s crop is very tight! I would suggest using a rectangle crop instead. The sisters on the end look like they’re being pushed out of the family!

 This is a much better example of a photo that can be cropped square.

This is a much better example of a photo that can be cropped square.

So all in all, setting out all the expectations is the way I like things to roll! Everyone is happier in the end!

2018 Holiday Card Designs

It’s that time of year again!


Here are the options for holiday cards for 2018. These designs are fully customizable. You can change the orientation of the photos, what the text says, background colors, ect. You may also mix and match front and backs.

Or you can feel overwhelmed by all the different options and just choose a design!

Cards are printed on pearl cardstock paper.
Round or square corners
5x7 size with envelopes
Set of 25 $45
or included with the purchase of a wall gallery

FAQ: What size looks best over a fireplace?

Next to “what should we wear?” maybe the second most asked questions I get is “what size looks best over the fireplace?”

The fireplace seems to be a great spot for hanging a family photo. In most floor plans, it’s naturally where your eye is drawn so it makes a good choice for hanging an art piece from your family photo session.

I love being able to virtually show my families what sizes will work over their specific fireplace - it’s a great “try before you buy” kind of thing.

So what sizes work the best for over the mantel? It depends on some factors, mostly what else you have going on up there. Here are some size references for you..

Something else to consider (that is slightly related): do you see the 16x16? This photo works just fine as a square BUT some photos do not translate very well to square format. This is one of the reasons I LOVE my pre-planning meetings with my families so that we can talk about what the family wants out of their photo session. There have been many times in the past (when I didn’t do pre-planning meetings) and a family has wanted a square print and it just wasn’t possible. So it’s great to set those expectations up front so that everyone is happy!

Did you miss my post about mistakes in hanging wall art? You might find it interesting…

Locations: Nature

Before I talk anything about location, I want to also stress that as much as you might worry about location and clothing, your photo session is about the time that you spent with your family and making memories. 

Did you miss my urban locations post? Check it out here! 

On my urban location post I talked about "What goes into choose the perfect location".  It might not be what you think, so I'd go and check that out.  

One of the first things that I'm going to discuss with you in our pre-session planning meeting is where you want your photos to live.  This is the biggest factor in deciding where your photo session should take place. 

If you want a gallery wall in your living room and the color scheme is brown and green then I'd suggest going for a nature location. You also need to look at the art that is already hanging in your space.  If you have mostly nature locations for your photo shoots already hanging up, then I'd also suggest sticking with an nature location. I can advise during our planning meeting.


 This is a real example of a family of mine.  They chose a nature location and I think it pairs really nicely with the decor going on around it! 

This is a real example of a family of mine.  They chose a nature location and I think it pairs really nicely with the decor going on around it! 

A few nature locations in the DFW area

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the most popular places to photograph in the DFW area.  I don't photograph at the typical locations because I think it's REALLY weird to be around a lot of other people who are taking photos. I think there are some better places around town that can get you the same effect. But if your heart is really set on a specific place that gets a lot of photography traffic, I'd suggest scheduling the session for the middle of the week in the morning. 


Your portrait session includes travel time anywhere in the Dallas area. If you’d like to go somewhere outside the city, I’m up for the adventure! Travel fees may apply for outside the area at .57/mile both ways.

I’d love to make your perfect location work! I’ve traveled to far away beaches, New Hampshire, and even Seattle. If you’d like me to meet you in a destination outside of Dallas for your portrait session where I don’t already have plans to visit, just let us know and I can get you a custom quote.


Places I'd like to photograph: 

Lewisville Lake Environmental Area

Addison Circle Park

Stephens Green Park in Frisco

Oak Point Park in Plano

Lakeside Park in Highland Park

Little Elm Beach




4 Mistakes when hanging wall art

As much as your photos deserve to be hung on your wall, they also deserve to be hung with great placement.  I don't know about you, but when something looks a little funny on a wall, I just can't stop starring, and not in a good "I love that" way. If a room has been irritating you, chances are it might have something to do with the placement of the wall hangings. 

But fear not! Here are some common mistakes laid out so that "now you know!"

For years (even decades!) the normal size was 8x10. If you could see 8x10s on most walls before nailing it in, you'd definitely for sure know that it's way too small.

You probably think you don't want those peanut butter fingers touching your art. I get it.  But hanging your art too high looks like it's floating in an abyss in your room.  Shoot for roughly five to eight inches between the bottom of your furniture and the bottom of your art piece.  Think of it as an art gallery - stand back and look at your piece of wall art.  If you have to strain your neck up to look at the art, it's too high.  

I've already talked about the lonely 8x10s (See mistake #1).  But this rule can be paired with the piece of furniture you're putting next to the piece of art.  Is the piece of furniture large? Then pair is with a large piece of art. Is it a small end table? Then pair it with a smaller piece of art.  

You may think that you have to put them further apart because you want to fill out the space.  This can actually make your space look smaller.  This makes it look like your art pieces hate each other.  This rule applies if you're hanging two pieces up to infinity.  Make sure there is no more than three inches separating them.  

So now you know! Does this leave you just overwhelmed? Look at this great video about creating a great wall gallery. 

Locations: Urban

Location, location, location

Before I talk anything about location, I want to also stress that as much as you might worry about location and clothing, your photo session is about the time that you spent with your family and making memories. 


What goes into deciding on a location? 

First things first I think you should think about locations in two different categories. 
Urban or Nature. 
This will help you narrow down the options a bit. 
Not all locations fall into these two categories but I think it's a good starting point. 

Next I want you to think about what suites your family the best. For your whole life you've lived in Plano and never had photos taken downtown, that would be a great option to consider.
Or if your family enjoys bike rides through
Andy Brown East Park in Coppell that might be a good fit. 

Lastly, I want you to think about the space you want your photos to live. 
If you want a gallery wall in your living room and the color scheme is brown and green then I'd suggest going for a nature location. You also need to look at the art that is already hanging in your space.  If you have mostly urban locations for your photo shoots already hanging up, then I'd also suggest sticking with an urban location. I can advise during our planning meeting.

 This location fits this space very nicely. The colors are grey, white, and navy and not only do those colors pair nicely with an urban location but BONUS tip is that those colors are repeated in the family's clothing! (more about that later!) Location: Downtown Lewisville

This location fits this space very nicely. The colors are grey, white, and navy and not only do those colors pair nicely with an urban location but BONUS tip is that those colors are repeated in the family's clothing! (more about that later!)
Location: Downtown Lewisville

A few urban locations in the DFW area

Urban places I want to photograph: 

George's Coffee and Provisions in Coppell
The Lumen Room Red in Dallas

Trinity grove on the Margaret Hunt Bridge
Fort Worth Stock Yards
Grapevine Train Depot
The Canals at Los Colinas in Irving
Fountain Place in Dallas
UTD in Richardson
A great find on Airbnb!

How to have a successful family photo shoot with kids under the age of 5

So a few years ago I stopped taking wedding clients. It wasn't that I didn't like photographing weddings. It was because I discovered that my talents are better aligned with kids. I LOVE taking photos of kids.  With 10 years of experience, I have some tricks up my sleeves to help you have a successful family photo shoot.

You're investing a lot of time and money into your shoot - and what if your kids are just a disaster???? It's risky! But listen up to my tips so that it's successful.  

#1 First when we talk about time of day it really is "what's best for your kids"? Sure, you might have more time in the day to get hair and makeup done if you have your sessions in the evening, but if your kids are melting down - let's plan on having the shoot in the morning. So if you have kids, think first when they are most happy. 

#2 While your photo shoot is for a certain time, an hour or two typically, I don't expect your kids to perform for the whole time.  Your kids (or you!) are encouraged to take a break, eat a non-messy snack, or drink.  You know your kids best, so I'll leave it up to you to tell me they're reaching their limits and need to take a break.  While they're breaking I can get brother and dad together, mom and dad together, or another combination.  

#3 Let me work with your kids.  You might have a special phrase you say with your kids to get them to smile, maybe it's "monkey poops" or something like that.  Leave that for when you're photographing your kids and let me take charge.  Most of the time with those phrases I get smiles that makes them look like they're pooping.  So I'd rather get them genuinely smiling or laughing. I do have some "games" that will get them to look natural too! 

#4 It's ok to bribe them.  In fact, I suggest that you talk about a fun thing you can do after your session because of their awesome attitudes during the session. You could consider donuts, ice cream, blowing out birthday candles, or going to a new park!

#5 Not all of your family photos will be you sitting, smiling, and looking at the camera. Personally I think that the best family photos are the non-camera aware photos where everyone is looking at each other having a good time.  This doesn't mean that I don't try to get the looking at the camera smiling photos - I know this is the holy grail of family photos. Some of your photos I'll ask you to specifically interact with each other so that everyone looks natural.  Other times I'll have everyone looking at the camera for the holy grail shot.  When I'm working on the holy grail shot it's really important for you as the parent to resist the urge to look at your kids.  If you just hold your gaze at me then I will use my tricks to get your kids to look at me.  But I think it's helpful to know that not all of your family photos will be you looking and smiling at the camera. 


October waitlist now open!

Hi! Are you interested in an OCTOBER Photo Session? 


It's my busiest time of year!

Official sign ups start on AUGUST 25, but sign up on the waiting list below! 

There are only SEVEN spots in October that are available! 

Name *
Phone *
I'm interested in an OCTOBER Photo Session! *
If you book from the wait list you will see the available dates and can choose a date then. This is to give me an idea of your availability now.
How many people, ages, why do you want family photos, when was the last family photo?

Let me tell you about my sessions...

Can I just tell you how excited I am that you're considering a session with me?!

For many people, this is their first experience with a family boutique photographer, so I would love to share some info with you!

photo experience.jpg


I'd like to make the whole process way less overwhelming! Shall we dig in?! I specialize in photographing families and help families get their photos off of their computers and onto the walls of their homes.

The biggest difference you'll see with a me, and other photographers is the personalized attention!

I'll coach you through the process of what to wear, how to interact with your kids on portrait day (trust me on this one), what will look best on your walls, and everything in between! I will literally hold your hand through every step of the process and answer as many questions as you need to ask to feel comfortable!

Moment of truth... what is this going to cost me? I actually want to ask YOU a question first. When your children are grown, when your spouse has a few more wrinkles than you remembered, and your parents have passed.... what will you have left to remember those you love most? More importantly, what will you have to pass on as a legacy to your family? Chances are, it will be two things: the memories and the photographs. Aside from some smudges on your walls and well-loved toys, your photos will be the one tangible thing that celebrate and remember your journey. These are more than just ink on paper or a DVD - these are the moments that tell your story! If you color your hair every other month, or grab a coffee a few times a week.... you are EASILY spending MUCH more per year on these things that, while fabulous, will fade away! I treat each client with care and invest at least at least 8 hours of my time to ensure you have the best experience possible!

For that reason, each session with me is $240+tax, which covers my time, creative talent, and the expertise that I pour into your session! The session fee does not include any products or digital files. You'll invest in those during your ordering session! Most of my family clients are so in love with their images (many tear up when they see them) that they usually invest an additional $499-1200 on canvases, wall art, prints, and digital files (but you can certainly choose more or less than that depending upon your need)! Still not convinced? Check out what my clients have to say about their experience with Kaitlin Roten Photography !!! 


Hannah B. says...

"If you are looking for a photographer for family photos, I would highly recommend Kaitlin Roten Photography! She puts time and attention into preparing props and thinking of ideas that would make for great pictures. And if you have children, she came prepared with things to entertain our kids and to get them to hang in there ;) We love our pictures and will cherish them forever!"


"Best pictures we have ever taken! Loved every single one! Highly recommended!!" -Alisa D.

"She patiently answered my many questions! She is highly professional in her approach, but reassuring and affirming in her demeanour. This meant we felt relaxed and Kaitlin was able to capture the real heart of our family! All in all, a lovely expreience and I would highly recommend Kaitlin to others!" -Lucy S. 


"Kaitlin is a treasure of a photographer, without a doubt the most professional and talented one we have ever had the pleasure of working with.. Not only is her customer service impeccable, she is a pleasure to work and make plans with, but most importantly, she captures our family as we are. You can see, captured in her work, our children's personalities and the love in our family. Her work is displayed all over our home, and we count the memories she captured among our most treasured possessions." - Rachael D. 

The Wendel Family (one of my family reps!)

I very very very randomly met Amanda almost a year ago! Every time I photograph their family it is so easy peasy.  They always dress great, are up for anything, and have really good attitudes. 

What more could I ask for? 

We also went off-roading this time which gives them major points. 

I feel like Amanda gets me in the fashion way for photos (she's way more fashionable than I'll ever be!) and Eric totally understands when I crush on light.  I also bonded with Cade over his new play room and all his firetrucks and jeep toys! 

(Which gallery below do you like the best below?) I love providing a variety of gallery options for people to get to know them during our pre-session planning meeting. It's a personality thing - do you like random, square, symmetrical, circle? 

Cade is two and you can't ask a lot out of those "type of people", haha! We played some fun games that he probably didn't think were games at all, but got him moving instead of asking him to sit in front of the camera and CHEESE (by the way that word is on the photographers top 10 hated words).  Another word that's on the list for me? Pics. ugh. I'm so snobby! :) 

He barely sat still for more than 45 seconds, and that is enough.  That is why having a professional photograph who knows the tricks for kids and has a fast shutter is totally worth it! Don't get me wrong, some phone cameras are really good in the right light, but they're missing the fast shutter that a pro camera can provide.  

This is one of my families in my family rep program! Have you heard about the program yet? If you've ever thought of a family session with me...this is a NO BRAINER.  You get a TON of freebies, discounts, rewards, perks, VIP access, 3 photo sessions in a year and the AWESOME heirloom locket for FREE!! Applications have been rolling in but won't be official until September (my birthday!).  

If you can't wait and want to apply NOW you totally can here: 

Location: Little Elm, Texas

The Print Wrap

I have this thing. I can't stand the way regular canvas looks.  

It's mostly because what the texture does to the skin of a person.  It looks ok at a distance, but if you're standing relatively close to the canvas it just looks bizarre. 

That's why my "canvas" are not like that at all.  I call them "print wraps" to distinguish them from the regularly canvas.  

They are printed on metallic photographic paper then wrapped around a wood frame.  They are premium wall decor! The manufacturing process creates the wrapped look that will look great with others like it - or paired with other canvases you might already have.  


Do you have photos that don't have a home? Give them a home TODAY! I provide Custom Wall Design Services.  Here's how it works...

1) You send me up to 25 photos you want to live in your home with photos of your walls
2) I send you mock-up galleries of how those photos could live on your walls
3) You choose which design you like the best and purchase professional wall art for your home. Your design cost ($65) gets credited back into the purchase of your products. 

Easy peasy. 

Start now! 

Fireplace - central family hub

What's your style of your family hub? Is it comfy cozy or more formal? What is the color scheme? What are your favorite stores to buy furniture or accent pieces to decorate this space? 

These are all the questions I ask in my pre-session meeting to get an idea of the space you want your photos to live. All of the answers help to guide the photo experience so that your photos will look AMAZING in your space.  

I first met Geeti and we talked about the space she wanted her photos to live.  It's grey but next to her kitchen where the cabinets are wood color.  Her family relaxes in this area and she wanted very informal candid shots of her family.  Her family also hadn't had family photos with their littlest one (who is going into Kindergarten!).  This is the "2nd child syndrome" and I didn't understand until my 2nd came along! 

So with all of this info I felt very prepared for our session! We photographed at Andy Brown Park East in Coppell.  Here is a gallery design I came up with to showcase their photos! 


For families I recommend framing for wall art because you can easily update your frames every year with the new photos I take of your family and kids.  

One of my most favorite things about working with Geeti is that she equally loved her kid's silly faces.  Kids are kids! You will probably get silly faces in photos. I love the silly faces more than requiring everyone to look perfectly into the camera with teeth showing and head pointed the right direction.  

I really believe that having photos up on the wall of your home of your family help you LOVE and APPRECIATE those people more! I have a hard time being a mom, but seeing photos of my people on my wall help remind me to extend love and appreciation to them throughout the day.




Why does photography "cost so much"?

So if you've been wondering - why does photography cost so much I'm here to help answer! Have you been too embarrassed to ask? 

Did you know that I spend more than just our hour session working on your photo experience? 

Let's take my 1 hour session - my most popular session. 

I spend at least an hour setting up a pre-session meeting, writing emails and answering your emails, and figuring out what kind of galleries to design to show you based off of what you said you wanted for your house. 

Then there is the pre-session meeting which takes at least an hour

Then there is the session - with arriving early, scouting location and light, and shooting the session is more like an hour and a half for me. 

While I'd like to shoot perfectly straight out of camera, my images do require just minimal color balance, sharpening, and tonal curve adjustments. Here is a recent photo straight out of camera. 


Here is the photo just after a few adjustments when I feel comfortable showing the photo to the family. See how the photo is a little lighter, her hair a little darker, and the photo is sharper? I'd probably take out those spots on the sidewalk now that I look at it! I'd actually prefer to leave tiny details like that to after the family has decided to choose or not to choose this photo to live on their walls. 


So editing your photos includes going through the hundreds of photos I've taken and getting rid of the ones where your eyes are closed, blurry ones (yes I take blurry ones on accident!). After that I make the minor adjustments I've mentioned.  All of that takes about 2 hours.  

After all the files have been edited I upload them to my software that shows you your photos on your wall.  I decide which ones you most likely will like on your wall and put them in the frames/canvas mock-ups to show you during our viewing session.  This takes about 1 hour.


So after I've gotten all your photos edited, uploaded to my software I set up a meeting with you.  We meet at view your photos and you find a place for all the photos you love.  This meeting lasts for 2-3 hours. After they viewing session there is another 1 hour for ordering your products, putting your matted images in your frames (or designing your album), wrapping up your products, and delivery. 

Here is a run down of the hours I've spent on average on an hour session: 

  • Pre-Session planning: 1 hour
  • Pre-Session meeting: 1-2 hours
  • 1 hour Session: 1.5 hours
  • Editing your photos: 2 hours
  • Designing your gallery/album: 1 hour
  • Viewing Session: 2-3 hours

How many hours on average I spend on a ONE HOUR SESSION: 8.5-10.5hours

So besides this camera gear is really expensive.  I really need to update my camera (which only lasts so long, it's going on it's 6th year which is a long time for a professional photographer!) and a new camera will cost at least $3500.  

There is also cost of business.  There are fees for necessary software and subscriptions that I need to pay every month. 

So those are just a few reasons why "photograph costs so much".  

Gallery Design

What exactly goes into a gallery design? 

Before a session I meet with my client's and talk about space they have in their home they want their photos to live.  We talk about products they like the best and the overall feel they want their photo session to have. 

This step is so vital!

It helps set up for a successful photo session! For instance, if you know you want to fill your formal dining room with family photos - then you'll need to dress the part.  It wouldn't make sense for your family to dress in comfy clothes and have a more casual shoot.  It would fit the space better if you dress up and made sure that we got formal posed shots. 

I always ask for a photo of the space you want your photos to live in.  This also helps prepare for the shoot.   We can look at the colors you already have in that room so you can coordinate your clothing choices.  This also helps prepare horizontal or vertical shots that I will need to get. 

After your session I will use my software to digitally put your photos on your wall.  Gone are the days where you buy too large of a piece and it doesn't fit - or too small that your wall is the centerpiece and not the family photo. 

During your viewing session you'll be able to see your photos via slideshow and then we will look at the different photo gallery designs I've made for you. 

Here are some different galleries I'm working on right now. 

411 on my frames: Glass vs. Acrylic

When you think of a photo frame, chances are you think of a traditional wood or metal frame and a glass pane. It’s what you’d probably find on the walls at your parent’s house. But there’s a new kid in town that we’d like to introduce you to: acrylic.

Let's chat about glass first

Glass is classic and the weighty feel of it makes the frame feel luxe. It’s been a mainstay for years and when you walk the home decor aisle of any superstore, or even in your own home, glass is always there. This is mainly because glass is inexpensive, lowering costs of production for manufacturers, and durable, being able to withstand some rough treatment from cleaning agents. A couple of pro photo labs use glass in their photo framing as well.

But I have quickly learned, glass is a huge pain. Huge. Here are the realities of glass:

It’s highly breakable. Especially in transit. I can’t even tell you the number of times I had shipping damages when my frames were comprised of glass. Too many. It’s for this reason that many online retailers, prefer frames with acrylic. It also weighs less than half of glass, which helps keeps shipping costs down. So because I hand deliver or ship my frames, acrylic is the superior option.

Because of the risk of injury that comes with glass frames, they should never be used in rooms where children frequent - living rooms, nurseries, etc. Anything could happen, and you don’t want the risk of the glass breaking and injuring someone. Not to mention when glass breaks it can seriously damage the photograph itself. Plus the pain of having to sweep of all that broken glass? Ugh, no thanks.

That weighty, luxe feeling that we all love? Yeah, that’s not a good thing when it comes to medium and large sized frames. The weight of the glass will cause the frame to bow. There’s not much that can help you avoid this issue. Even at a professional custom frame shop, acrylic will be recommended in frames over 16x20 and in frames with modern, thin profiles.

The glare and tint. While most don’t realize it, glass is not completely color-free. It commonly has a green tint due to the iron content which Compromises the viewing quality of your work. No one wants to see a greenish tinted wedding photo.

That's it for now! I'll be sharing the pros and cons of acrylic soon! 

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What to Wear Wednesdays

These! Welcome to spring! Who needs a little pop of spring color in their lives? As soon as Chelsey, Jason, and Emery got out of the car I knew they had read and followed my exclusive style guide!

(Did you know that I gift my families my exclusive style guide after booking?)

Blush, Light Blue, Ivory with pops of navy and a tad orange.  Perfection. 

This is a story about open adoption.  It's a good one. I also love how adoption always reminds me of God's love for us and adoption us into his family.    

These photos will be featured as a story for Real Options,
a support center for pregnant women in Plano. 

what to wear to a spring photo in downtown plano

Thank you so very much for having me photograph you! I love being apart of people's families for a tiny bit of time! 

Texas in the Spring...

You're invited....

Two fun facts about Texas. (Just 2 for today😂)

Most of you Texans know these with a few deeper facts for those true Texans.
Test your Texan knowledge!

1. There’s a Texas Pledge of Allegiance to the Texas flag. Students say this in the morning during school. (And just so you know Texans are pretty upset there isn’t a Texas flag emoji...just so you know this 🇨🇱 is not it) So if you use #texas🇨🇱 you’re using the wrong emoji.

2. Blue Bonnets are a serious big deal. It’s the official state flower (since 1901). There is a myth that it’s illegal to pick them (I’ll wait while you Texans go look that up😂) 

They are really beautiful!

So in honor of my 3rd year being a Texan (and for me knowing that 🇨🇱 is not the Texas flag) 

I’m celebrating by having

blue bonnets mini sessions!

I only have 5 spots available left! 🙌🙌🙌 

Details: April 7 evening time (see link below for details!)

There are only 5 spots available! 

Details: April 7, 2018 

Location: Carrollton (exact location TBD 1 week prior) 

See brochure below for more details! 

(Sign up form in the button!)


blue bonnet mini session sign up