Gallery Design

What exactly goes into a gallery design? 

Before a session I meet with my client's and talk about space they have in their home they want their photos to live.  We talk about products they like the best and the overall feel they want their photo session to have. 

This step is so vital!

It helps set up for a successful photo session! For instance, if you know you want to fill your formal dining room with family photos - then you'll need to dress the part.  It wouldn't make sense for your family to dress in comfy clothes and have a more casual shoot.  It would fit the space better if you dress up and made sure that we got formal posed shots. 

I always ask for a photo of the space you want your photos to live in.  This also helps prepare for the shoot.   We can look at the colors you already have in that room so you can coordinate your clothing choices.  This also helps prepare horizontal or vertical shots that I will need to get. 

After your session I will use my software to digitally put your photos on your wall.  Gone are the days where you buy too large of a piece and it doesn't fit - or too small that your wall is the centerpiece and not the family photo. 

During your viewing session you'll be able to see your photos via slideshow and then we will look at the different photo gallery designs I've made for you. 

Here are some different galleries I'm working on right now. 

411 on my frames: Glass vs. Acrylic

When you think of a photo frame, chances are you think of a traditional wood or metal frame and a glass pane. It’s what you’d probably find on the walls at your parent’s house. But there’s a new kid in town that we’d like to introduce you to: acrylic.

Let's chat about glass first

Glass is classic and the weighty feel of it makes the frame feel luxe. It’s been a mainstay for years and when you walk the home decor aisle of any superstore, or even in your own home, glass is always there. This is mainly because glass is inexpensive, lowering costs of production for manufacturers, and durable, being able to withstand some rough treatment from cleaning agents. A couple of pro photo labs use glass in their photo framing as well.

But I have quickly learned, glass is a huge pain. Huge. Here are the realities of glass:

It’s highly breakable. Especially in transit. I can’t even tell you the number of times I had shipping damages when my frames were comprised of glass. Too many. It’s for this reason that many online retailers, prefer frames with acrylic. It also weighs less than half of glass, which helps keeps shipping costs down. So because I hand deliver or ship my frames, acrylic is the superior option.

Because of the risk of injury that comes with glass frames, they should never be used in rooms where children frequent - living rooms, nurseries, etc. Anything could happen, and you don’t want the risk of the glass breaking and injuring someone. Not to mention when glass breaks it can seriously damage the photograph itself. Plus the pain of having to sweep of all that broken glass? Ugh, no thanks.

That weighty, luxe feeling that we all love? Yeah, that’s not a good thing when it comes to medium and large sized frames. The weight of the glass will cause the frame to bow. There’s not much that can help you avoid this issue. Even at a professional custom frame shop, acrylic will be recommended in frames over 16x20 and in frames with modern, thin profiles.

The glare and tint. While most don’t realize it, glass is not completely color-free. It commonly has a green tint due to the iron content which Compromises the viewing quality of your work. No one wants to see a greenish tinted wedding photo.

That's it for now! I'll be sharing the pros and cons of acrylic soon! 

Did you see that you can get my FREE guide to a wall make-over? just CLICK HERE!

What to Wear Wednesdays

These! Welcome to spring! Who needs a little pop of spring color in their lives? As soon as Chelsey, Jason, and Emery got out of the car I knew they had read and followed my exclusive style guide!

(Did you know that I gift my families my exclusive style guide after booking?)

Blush, Light Blue, Ivory with pops of navy and a tad orange.  Perfection. 

This is a story about open adoption.  It's a good one. I also love how adoption always reminds me of God's love for us and adoption us into his family.    

These photos will be featured as a story for Real Options,
a support center for pregnant women in Plano. 

what to wear, spring photo, plano, downtown

Thank you so very much for having me photograph you! I love being apart of people's families for a tiny bit of time! 

Texas in the Spring...

You're invited....

Two fun facts about Texas. (Just 2 for today😂)

Most of you Texans know these with a few deeper facts for those true Texans.
Test your Texan knowledge!

1. There’s a Texas Pledge of Allegiance to the Texas flag. Students say this in the morning during school. (And just so you know Texans are pretty upset there isn’t a Texas flag emoji...just so you know this 🇨🇱 is not it) So if you use #texas🇨🇱 you’re using the wrong emoji.

2. Blue Bonnets are a serious big deal. It’s the official state flower (since 1901). There is a myth that it’s illegal to pick them (I’ll wait while you Texans go look that up😂) 

They are really beautiful!

So in honor of my 3rd year being a Texan (and for me knowing that 🇨🇱 is not the Texas flag) 

I’m celebrating by having

blue bonnets mini sessions!

I only have 5 spots available left! 🙌🙌🙌 

Details: April 7 evening time (see link below for details!)

There are only 5 spots available! 

Details: April 7, 2018 

Location: Carrollton (exact location TBD 1 week prior) 

See brochure below for more details! 

(Sign up form in the button!)


blue bonnet mini session sign up
Family Rep Program! Applications now open!

Have you heard of my family rep program?! 

Here are the details...

arbor hills with baby photograph


I will be taking applications for families (of at least 3) to be apart of my spokesperson program.

This means to be the face of Kaitlin Roten Photography for an entire year!  

Spokesmodels are chosen through an application process and receive countless perks including complimentary mini sessions sitting fee, images to share on social media, styled shoots, cash bonuses for referrals, heirloom lockets and more!


If you’ve been thinking about scheduling a session with me this is a NO brainer! You get way more going this route than you do the traditional session. 

You receive cash back for any referrals who book through you!

Applicants will be chosen based on their involvement in the community, eagerness to have updated family photos displayed in their home, and excitement for your upcoming year!

Application for the Family Rep Program

Please read spokesmodel responsibilities carefully before applying.

Being a spokesmodel for Kaitlin Roten means you have the opportunity to represent the face of the best of the best families in the North Dallas for a whole year! Spokesmodels receive countless perks including a complimentary mini session, digital images to share online with friends, a full family session, cash bonuses, and more! You also receive an heirloom locket as a thank you gift, redeemable at any point in the program. 

I  cannot wait to work with an amazing group of 2018 families!

Before applying, please read the following. 

Applications are due on APRIL 30, 2018.

Chosen spokesmodels are required to:

  • Attend a meet + greet event on MAY 18, 2018 6:30-7:30pm in Carrollton
  • Participate in mini sessions with the full team on Sunday, MAY 27th (EVENING)
  • Use Kaitlin Roten Photography as their sole photographer during the year
  • Post on social media frequently about Kaitlin Roten Photography (about 2-3x per month)
  • Follow Kaitlin's style guide for sessions. (Received upon acceptance into program. All images on my blog are sessions that have followed the guide)
  • Book your family session with Kaitlin for a total of $260 + sales tax (This is the only payment or fee ever required with the spokesmodel program and can be earned back through referrals. Wall art and products are extra.)
  • Family Sessions must be booked by DECEMBER 31, 2018.  
siblings in field carrollton texas
Name *
Phone *
How many people, ages, talents, how your spend your free time, etc...
Are you available these dates... *
These are the required meeting times for the family rep program. (Don't worry they're fun!)
toddle boy lumen room family styled session dallas texas
What to wear Wednesdays

It's been a while! I had what to wear Wednesday's going for a LONG time, lost track of time and took a break (to build a new website and focus on getting more schools into my 2018 schedule!) but today it's BACK! 

I had a photo friend from L.A. post she was looking for models for her Dallas trip! Me, me, me! I have this giant wall in my house that I'm really hoping to fill this year of photos of our family.  Lily's work is so beautiful so I really hoped that she would choose us for her models! 

I can't wait to see the REAL photos! In the meantime, I wanted to post this i-Phone photo talk about two different things I get asked a lot being a photographer. 

photo couple in deep ellum

#1: What do we wear?!!

I know (from experience!) this can be really stressful! (Did you know that all my booking families get a style guide that goes into great depth about what looks best in camera?! It takes the guess work out!) 

My general guidelines are: 

  • Women look better in camera in dresses or skirts - it also brings a sort of dressiness that speaks to the specialness of getting professional photos taken. Super bonus points if the dress or skirt is flowy - movement on camera looks great and it gives you something to do besides just stand there and smile - that can be so awkward for everyone! 
  • Take one color and lightly dabble throughout everyone's outfit to create some sort of unity.  
  • Men must wear tailored fitted pants.  Baggy pants make your legs look much larger - you don't want that, do you? I'm not talking about skinny jeans if you can't pull those off - don't - but more tailored fitting pants look great! 
  • I'd never gotten my professional hair and makeup for photos but LADIES - it's TOTALLY worth it.  I felt like a million bucks, and this is definitely a situation where that's what I want to feel like! 

#2: How do I convince my husband?!

This is a biggie.  I hear this a lot and I even felt a little guilty asking my husband to do this for me! Here's what I did - my husband already knows the importance to me to have photos of us (and our kids) up around our house.  So I told him my idea of wanting photos of us on the huge wall I mentioned earlier.  We haven't had photos of us since our wedding, almost 10 years ago.  I also showed him Lily's photography emphasizing how great it was and how I felt like you can experience the love her couples have for each other in their photos.  Once your guy really sees how you feel about something like this, he really is going to cave.  It's not about liking my photo taken - in fact I really don't like having photos done! It's about the experience that we had together and remembering these years through the photos I plan to have on our walls.  


All of these tips and more nuggets on info are included in my style guide! 

Here is a run down of the main clothing items: 

Tulle Skirt Charolotte Russe
Chiffon Blouse H&M
Floral Neck Tie Express

Before and After (in the office today!)

A little secret -I go to the schools that I'm going to photograph beforehand and bring my little one. I have SO many photos of her - and often bribe her with marshmallows.  She's very good.  I think she's getting a little tired of being my model but it works great! It helps work out a specific location that can be tricky for outside school portraits. 

Here's a straight out of camera shot and just a few tweaks that I do in Lightroom.  

I don't usually have to go a lot of edits but sometimes I bomb a specific photo. It happens.  I was so sad when the cute first one was blown out - just a simple edits made it a winner. 

I'm excited to photograph this school this spring! 

School Photo Re-Take Day FAQs

If you missed the announcement here it is! For this spring I'm hosting an exclusive re-take day for any of you who had a bad experience with school photos this last year, especially if you hated them so much you didn't buy them! 

If you've been here awhile you know that I'm all about creating a photo legacy for your family. So if you didn't like your kid's school photos and didn't buy them, well that isn't a photo legacy.  I want to be apart of creating something that you love AND to give your kid's confidence in their school photos - because they don't have to be bad!!! 

I'm getting a few FAQ's about the April 29 sessions...

1) What ages are your photographing? 
I photograph from Mother's Day Out Programs (including babies!) to High School.

2) What photos will you be taking? 
For me, the looking at the camera smiling photo is what parent's want most of all.  You probably will get the option to select more than one photo. I usually take up to 5 photos of each kids. I can also take sibling photos! This is what makes having a school boutique business awesome - I can do what I want! So this will also be an option for viewing afterwards as well. 

3) What should my child wear? 
If your child wears a uniform to school and you want them photographed in that, bring that AND also bring another quick outfit.  My general clothing suggestion is to dress in light, neutral, and freshly ironed clothing.  

4) What time will the mini-sessions be offered? 
They will start at 2:30pm and be scheduled incrementally after that.  You should allow up to 15 minutes for each child to be photographed - this will be plenty of time. 

5) Where will the mini-sessions be offered? 
They will be photographed outside (who said school photos had to be inside?!) with a natural backdrop and then I will also use a white photography seamless background.  Once you sign up for a spot the exact address will be given to you.  It will take place near Hebron and Josey intersection in Carrollton. 

6) What is the cost of the session? 
Best news - there is no sitting fee! If you do say you are coming, please please please show up.  After your photos you can see them and decide if you want to purchase any of my collections or a la carte prints.  Collections start at $39 and include the digital downloads.  All prints are mounted for framing, except wallets (that would be weird) or if you for some reason do not want to frame the photos.  

School Photo Re-take Day

If your kid’s school photos don’t look like this, if they didn’t end up on your wall but in a drawer then {LISTEN UP!!}.


Why are you buying something that is sub-par?

Wouldn’t you rather buy school photos of your kids that you actually LOVE? That’s like throwing your money away...and that’s just bonkers!

Don’t you want your kids to have a great school portrait experience that can boost their confidence by how awesome it makes them look and feel?

If you didn’t do it right the first time...or the last 13 times {I’M HERE FOR YOU!}.

I’m launching my exclusive spring mini sessions so we can just say no to bad school’s like a re-take day.

And you get to see my new 2018 student products- don’t they look lovely?

{April 29!} School Photo Re-Take day, without the cheesy poses, weird backgrounds, or props that aren’t focused on your kids! And what’s great is...there isn’t a session fee! It’s just like school photos, come, I’ll photograph them, you see and like them, then buy.

school frame promo.jpg
all frames.png
What is a Boutique Photographer?
all frames.png

Just recently I decided to add the word “boutique” as a tag line to my business. What exactly does that mean? 

Well I got into a few circumstances where I had families ask for certain products that I didn’t necessarily sell. There are a TON of different photo products and it’s hard to offer all of them at the same time. I was really excited about these ideas from these families and created their custom product for them. 

It reminded me of a boutique! Who doesn’t like to shop at boutiques? The service is impeccable and you get what you really want. 

That’s the idea behind my pre-session planning meeting. Before your session, we meet and discuss what you want to get out of your photo session. I recently had a mom say that she’s always dreamed of having a HUGE print of her family on her wall (making dreams come true over here, yah!!). Another mom said she wanted three prints over the fireplace and an album. I was able to show the two moms the options for wall art and they selected exactly which type of wall art they wanted in their planning meeting. Bing, bam, boom. 

Planning meetings are great because you can see what I offer and it helps with the session because I know exactly what you want. It’s really customer service at its best (my long-ago Nordstrom’s boss would be so proud).

Gone are the days where you receive your digitals and while you’re really excited there’s this OTHER thing on your to-do like “figure out what to do with our family photos”. 

To me, that isn’t customer service. For so long that’s how I ran my business and when I look back it was such a disservice. 

So wether you know just exactly what you want, want me to create a custom piece for you, or need a lot of help to decide how to display your photos- I’m here to help! I’m not going to just leave you with your images (that we both have worked SO hard for!) and just another thing on your long to-do list! 

What will be your photo legacy?

I have 5,537 photos on my phone. GULP. YIKES. Hand hit my head.  

That’s too many. I go through my photos on my phone a lot and delete the dulplicates, screen shots, blurries (did you know photographers also have blurry images??) 

I also get asked a lot...I’m running out of iCloud space WHAT DO I DO?? As if the world were ending. But honestly it is annoying when you go take a photo and you don’t have any space.  

That got got me thinking...your kids are THE most photogeaphed generation of ALL TIME! What are you going to do to preserve your photos to have a photo legacy?  

Are you going to pass on your iCloud? Probably not. A USB? What’s that? A DVD? Uhhh nope.  

My photo legacy is going to be the physical prints and products that I leave my kids. 

Don’t let the MOST photographed generation go without a photo legacy!

I’m super excited to share with you my new products for this year!  

The dge wrap and the thin wrap. They both arrived this week and I can’t stop running my hand over them. The thin wrap feels like butter. These archival products WILL stand the test of time and serve as your family’s photo legacy. Let’s do this together- help our kids NOT forget their childhood. In the meantime the products, on the wall of your house, serve as a reminder to love and appreciate the ones closest in your lives better!  

Kaitlin RotenComment
CONTEST! Be the face of the 2018 Studio Wall Art Set!

To launch my new website and officially my photography boutique I'm having a contest.  I'm offering NEW PRODUCTS that are SO beautiful for 2018! I will continue to offer standouts (a 2017 client favorite!), canvas wraps, and albums but this year I'm adding The Edge Wraps and  The Thin Wraps.  Both are REALLY amazing products.  They look very modern! I often say that I don't recommend canvas because I can't stand the texture messes with faces.  These are great alternatives to canvas, still pop off the wall, and require no frame!


VOTE FOR YOUR FAMILY PICK IN THE COMMENTS! The winner will be the face of my wall art studio set for 2018 and receive a custom heirloom locket! 

The New Wall Art Additions for 2018

print wrap edge.jpg

The Edge Wrap

Mounted on wood and printed on metallic paper to add a very high-professional, archival print that is simply amazing.  


The Thin Wrap

Think Canvas Wraps - but not on canvas and not as thick.  Printed on high quality, archival satin paper. 






If you can't see the comments -  then CLICK on the title of this blog entry to expand the view and post a comment! 

Cohen Reinartz – Family Rep Program

So it’s a rule that you have to think your baby is the most adorable baby ever.  There is no pretending here – Cohen really is so adorable.  When my son, Phoenix was about this age, a lady stopped me in a coffee shop and said (very genuinely!) “I really think you have the most beautiful baby I’ve ever seen!” I loved that and still remember almost 7 years later.  I’m pretty sure that when Kevin and Jessica are in public with Cohen people say the same things.  He is just so beautiful and sweet! 


I love photographing kids as they grow up!
It’s so great to see how much they’ve changed physically but also to see their personalities to come out! 

If you missed his sweet puppy and dinosaur newborn photos SEE THEM HERE! 


I’ve recently discovered that I love what babies do with their arms.
They are really great at arm/hand models. 
Babies usually just put their hands and arms in the perfect spots to create a spontaneous photo…you know when they’re not chewing on their hands.  

Thank you, guys!!! I am looking forward to photographing the whole family next month! I love having you apart of my Family Rep Program! 

Location: Friends of Furneaux creek in Carrollton, Texas off of the Blue Trail.  

The Bird Family: Family Rep Program

Introducing the Bird family! I secretly wanted to be friends with Amy before she even knew who I was. She always amazed me with her carefree attitude of taking care of so many people in her life but still managing to look really cute and always using a nice sweet voice with her kids:)

I think we became friends when my youngest starting calling her youngest “Dadda’s baby” because he was her teacher in nursery at church. 

And to make matters even more confusing, her husband, Eric is about the same height as my husband (which is really tall) and they usually wear the same color of colors (do they coordinate that stuff?!) so I often find myself from the corner of my eyes *almost* mistaking Eric for Thomas — which could be really embarrassing one day.  

They really do have an awesome family! 

Some of the favorites…

Here is Sydney, Evie, Eric, Amy, Josie, Silas, and Owen (from left to right)

Thank you, guys!!! I love having you apart of my Family Rep Program! 

Location: Friends of Furneaux creek in Carrollton, Texas off of the Blue Trail.  

Friday Introductions

Hi! I’m so glad you stopped by. I wanted to introduce myself for those of you who are new around here.  I’m the owner and photographer behind Kaitlin Roten Photography.  That’s me, you’ll probably see me with black thick-rimmed glasses, but I’m self-conscious about them so I don’t usually wear them in photos  

Here are some things you’ll need to know behind the camera: 

1. I’m a photographer but I’m also a mom to two blue eyed kids who let me take their photos so graciously. I also might bribe them with mini-marshmallows

2. While pretty photos are really nice (and I do hope you think my images are beautiful!) I think that the photographs of you and your family, when hung up on your wall,  help you love and appreciate those in your life better. Those are the tangible things we will pass down to our kids – so here’s to making prints, not files.  

3. Right now I’m trying to eat spinach at every single meal…it’s going well so far.  I also love Kombucha.  I’m not really sure why people call me crunchy  But I really don’t think I am.  

The Baxter’s Christmas Session

I’m nervous about sharing Christmas sessions because of the anticipation of sharing for Christmas cards – but when Carrie shared over her social media I knew that I could too! I love repeating photographing families! Last year this little girl was much harder to get her to look decently happy for her photos – this year….completely different! It’s so fun watching kids grow up in front of my camera! So many cute family photos to share with friends and family I can’t wait to see which one they choose! 

Having photos on our walls help us remember sharing fun experiences with each other. 
They also help you remember to love and appreciation those who matter most in your lives. 
When you’re having a tough day, you inevitably walk by a portrait of each other and it acts a reminder to appreciate each other.  

Location: Downtown Prosper, Texas

Our Fall Family Photos: What we wore/What to wear Wednesdays

We went to Wimberly to celebrate my husband’s 30th birthday! The place that his parents rented out was AMAZING. It’s also a wedding venue so naturally it was breathtaking.  At the very last minute I announced we were all doing family photos! I (naturally) went to Express to buy the a floral tie for Thomas that I mentioned just a few weeks ago as an awesome accessory for guys.

I do have to brag that he and his dad both reacted strongly against the tie but then they both commented how nice it was (yes! Fist pumps!!)
And also a huge thank you to his dad and mom for taking the photos and for entertaining our kids to have them actually look at the camera! I can’t wait to get these huge up on my family wall! 

I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the tulle skirt and hope that it convinces you to wear one to your session! It’s so flowly it looks great on camera. And here’s another tip – my shirt was super tight in all the wrong places – bouquet of flowers fixed that problem right away! Who knew flowers could make you look 10 pounds lighter? 

Location: Sacred Passage Chapel in Wimberly, Texas

What are you looking for in a family photographer?

It’s OCTOBER! So that means the hope of cooler temperatures and FAMILY PHOTOS! October has to be the craziest month for family photographers – I LOVE IT! I wanted to give you a few questions to go through to know how and who to hire as your family photographer.  I’m going to give answers to the questions for my family photography business. But if you feel like we wouldn’t jive together – then just use this information to find a photographer that you love!



  1.  Shooting style.  
  2. What is the photographer’s shooting style that you prefer? Is it dark and moody or bright and airy? Each session should have the same style.  When you’re looking at a photographers’s work (which should be the BEST OF THE BEST on their portfolio and blog) do they have a consistent style? I’d want to know what I was getting into before paying for a service.  The quality of the photographer will tell you if their work is all over the place and not consistent.   I fall into the category of bright and airy.  My images have a lot of light in them with subtle warm tones.  I’ve made a photographing system so that my images are consistent and you know generally what you’re getting before you book a session with me.  
  3. Image Style and your own style
    This kind of goes with the one above, but I wanted to make it a separate point.  If a photographer’s style isn’t consistent with yours, then you are not going to want to purchase prints and products to put them up in your home.  I give many examples of my work on the wall’s on my client’s homes.  I even give you a sneak peak of your images on the wall.  
  4. Quality
    Is the work of the photographer the same? Are all of the images in focus, have the same feel? You should definitely know what you’re getting into before you purchase a session. The work on my blog is consistent with the other images that I share with my client that I do not feature on my blog. I send my clients a preview of an entire family session so they can see what they can expect.  Would you like to see a sample family session? Just email me! 
  5. Investment (have you read my “why photography costs so much?“)
    Can I afford this photographer? Pricing for photography is ALL over the place.  If you want great photos – you’re going to have to pay for it.  I think great photographs (one that you want to hang in your homes) is worth saving up for.  When people say they can’t afford, in most cases it’s actually saying they don’t want to afford.  People save up for all kinds of things – a new iPhone, trip to Disney, a new car.  It’s really about priorities.  My sessions start at $199 for an hour.  This is the session fee. After the session I meet with my clients to have a very exciting (!!!) viewing party where they view their images.  From there, the client can choose which images they love and want to hang on their walls. Before booking, I give my client a price list of options for prints and products so they know how much things will cost. Would you like to see this? Just email me! 
  6. Photographer/Client Relationship
    Does the photographer know how to treat adults and kids? Do they treat the client strictly as a client, acquaintance, or friend? Does the photographer know how to pose each different client to be flattering? Does the photographer have a rescheduling charge? How easily is it for you to contact the photographer? I feel like we just became best friends when I photograph someone.  I remember everyone who I’ve ever photographed in the last 11 years! I love to keep our original date that we settled on, but moving your session to another date is fine as long as my calendar is free. 
  7. Specialize: 
    Does the photographer specialize in a certain area? If they do, they probably enjoy that area more than others and are more consistent and talented in that area.  I’ve been photographing for 11 years and really feel like I’m gravitating towards families and kids more than weddings.  I definitely photograph weddings but my niche is definitely with families. 

That’s it for now! I’m excited to be putting together an e-book of “What to Expect” that will give you an idea of how to book a session with me and the order of events. Stay tuned! WHAT TO EXPECT GUIDE NOW AVAILABLE!