Meet Christina "Beauty on the go" hair and makeup in Dallas

Meet Christina! I’ve been using Christina for a while now for hair and make-up for my photo families. There are MANY things that I love about her! Here are a few…

  • She knows EXACTLY what she’s doing. Bobbi Brown uses her when she comes to Dallas (see below for story)

  • My families LOVE her. We pretty much just talk about the amazing work she’s done for the first half of the shoot, haha!

  • She comes to your home or office! Genius!

  • She is genuinely nice and likes people! Which surprisingly isn’t a trait that all people have.

All these things together makes her so great to refer her! She does amazing work so I got on to interview her! I also asked her favorite products and what you can do to make her job easier! So read on!

Beauty on the go Dallas Kaitlin Roten Photography Headshot

She’s been doing make-up for more than a decade and hair for six year. She also has two small daughters which makes her a great candidate for working with kids and making your kids feel comfortable!

Her business name is “Beauty on the go” and she works with independent clients for weddings, seniors, family photo sessions and also has connections with many Dallas hotels. She works with the hotel guests if they need hair and makeup. One hotel said they had VIP guest who wanted a blowout. She thought at first it was a coincidence the guest name was Bobbi Brown. When Christina arrived at the hotel, the staff asked her if she was excited and said she’d be perfect for the job. At this point she was confused about why they would be make a fuss about it and then it finally occurred to her that the guest was THE Bobbi Brown, the one who has her own cosmetics company. She was so nervous!

It was a humid day, pretty much like any day from about April-October so Christina used a product called “Color Wow” on her hair. Bobbi Brown loved how silky and smooth Christina made her hair that now every time Bobbi comes to Dallas she asks for Christina.

So why should you get

hair and makeup for your photo session?

Christina Singh Beauty on the go hair and makeup in Dallas
In-person makeup and camera makeup are not the same thing
— Christina Singh

What professionals know is that when you’re working with different lighting you need different makeup. If you do in-person makeup for photoshoots it translates on a lens differently. For instance, your natural or makeup highlights might look oily and reflect badly in your photos.

Christina knows photoshoot makeup and know how it translates in your photos. She knows where they light will hit and when to add heavier amount of makeup so that light doesn’t shine too much on that part. She also knows how much more blush to add so it can been seen in your photos, especially it the session is outdoors.

What is the biggest difference from professional hair and makeup and DIY?

Your look will be more polished and put together the hair and makeup won’t look unnatural. There will also be less editing for your photographer, so you’ll get your photos back sooner!

You see your best features stand out. For instance if you have a great eye color Christina going to use colors to accentuate your eye color.

Christina asks the client what they love most about themselves and work with that. When she does that, she makes a more elevated version of themselves so that it translates in photos. If you’re DIY hair and makeup, you don’t know how to make your best features stand out, or you’re so critical of yourself, or you don’t know which colors look good on you - all of things are not going to translate well in your photos.

She makes a more elevated version of themselves so that it translates in the photos.
— Christina Singh

Here are her best products:

What do you recommend for people

who don’t want to get pro make up and hair? 

This is not in person make up. There is a difference between in person and camera make up. 

How can people make their space

ready for you before you come? 

  • Well lit area with natural light for outside photos 

  • Clean and dry hair

  • If you want a blow out allow an extra 40 min

  • Close to an outlet or provide an extension cord

What is your ultimate goal with hair and makeup?

  “To bring natural beauty out their own features and not cover up or change them into a different person".” 

Find Christina here:

Clique Fashion Website
Her new online clothing boutique IG