My favorite type of family session to photograph

I wanted to answer the question, “what type of photo session do you like best of all” but it was so hard to choose! I really love getting goofy with the preschoolers (hence why I take a lot of preschool photos!) but the thing that gets me most is photographing families who haven’t had family photos in awhile.

Whether this means life has gotten in the way, a new member in their family is now heading to kindergarten and they realize there are no family photos, OR their kids are headed off to college and it’s been awhile. I love working with families like this!

I think it’s the magic that family photos take on when I photograph families like this. They aren’t use to seeing their family photos and they understand the lack of them in their life. When they see their photos, they often tear up, and I think it’s because they understand the power of their family photos.

What is it going to be years down the road that we remember these year by? It’s the photos! How are you going to remember how tall your kids were compared to you if you don’t take family photos?

They also are my families who study my style guide. They often quote me, which is hilarious…and awesome in the same way. The follow my directions and they are the parents who freak out the less. Me??? I’m the mom who freaks out THE MOST at my kids during photos. I have so much patience for other people’s kids but I just can’t wrap my mind around extending grace to my kids on photoshoots (shame on me, by the way).

I love giving my photo prompts to these types of families because I can see the memories and wonders that it creates in the photo. Not only do I get the family talking about their favorite vacation together, but I get them reliving those great memories and capturing them reliving those memories in their photos.

For instance, I might ask mom and dad to share their engagement story one sentence at a time alternating each person who is sharing the story. So mom and dad are reliving that memory and creating a memory of sharing that story together.

They are also the families, who like myself, really value having photos in their home. They understand that family photos are more important than facebook likes. They understand the power that can come from having their family photos up in their home to see every day to serve as a reminder to love and appreciate those closest in their lives.

By the way, how often should you get family photos? Check out this (orange) guide below!