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Spring Time Bright Colors Family Session at Arbor Hills!

There is a trend right now to bring down the green and yellow saturation in photos - but I LOVE GREEN! I just can’t get away from it. It’s so bright and colorful! They just scream HAPPINESS to me! I think that happy photos are what we want in our homes, right? Seeing photos of your family on display in your homes help you love and appreciate them even more, they serve as a reminder to do this!

I don’t usually recommend having a family photo session at Arbor Hills because of the photographer crowds but our weather has been so RAINY that our first location didn’t pan out because it was too wet. I don’t think I can say it never rains in Texas anymore! It sure feels like that in comparison to the East coast though. I have may memories of weeks of rain in Virginia. So Arbor Hills Nature Preserve in Plano it was and it did not disappoint. Really the only reason I suggest other close locations to Carrollton and Plano is because how busy with other photographers it is! I really love how my family photos turn out here!

Check out my nature photo location list of the North Dallas area


I love these black frames with white mats! They look so amazing!! The black brings out the darker tones of the photo and then the white mats make it look museum quality. Black frames are a great option for have a classy look to your family photos. Black frames will never go out of style. Classy but simple.

This is the Nurre family, with mom and dad, brothers, and grandpa and grandma who also made an appearance. I photographed their youngest at preschool. This year I came back to photograph the older kids at extended care and I shared that I’d be taking their family photos in a few weeks. The kids didn’t believe me so they quizzed me by asking what their last name was. I have a photographic memory (did you guess that?) so I knew how to spell their last name I just never thought about how to say it. Well I mispronounced it (I thought the “e” was silent!) so they didn’t believe me!

I have a list of places to eat after family photo sessions with playgrounds so that families can relax after sessions while the kids play (click right here if you’re interested!) but I LOVE how this family was going to have fresh raspberries as a treat afterwards! Yummm!! I think I could eat four pounds of raspberries by myself.



At the end of my family sessions I always offer complimentary headshots! They aren’t obviously studio style but I love people’s response when I show them the back of my camera. Ohhhh and ahhhhh. I usually tell people beforehand that I’m going to have them stand and do things with their arms and torso that seems REALLY weird. If they feel weird then they’re totally doing it right! I wanted to show you an example of what I mean.

There is a slight difference between the two photos above but the photos on the left makes the beautiful momma appear slimmer! It’s a camera trick! The difference? Including the negative space of the background in the bottom right of the photo. You don’t normally stand like this but if you put your front hand on your hip it makes that space and then JUST slightly lean download toward that front elbow. You feel completely ridiculous but you look “ohhhhh” and “ahhh”. I also took out that ugly weed in the bottom left, those Texas weeds can be brutal with those spikes!

One 16x20 with a 11x14 mounted matte print with two 11x14s with a 8x10 mounted print. Makes a great entryway display with all Black Frames.

One 16x20 with a 11x14 mounted matte print with two 11x14s with a 8x10 mounted print. Makes a great entryway display with all Black Frames.

Session location: Arbor Hills Nature Preserve in Plano, Texas

How to style your photo shoot

If you’re thinking about a photo shoot there should be some questions going through your mind. You probably are thinking there are a MILLION QUESTIONS! I want my families to have the less stressed photo shoot ever. So I always help beforehand with questions to make it go smoothly.

One of the first questions I ask is, “Where do you imagine your photos living in your home?” Often times this will happen in their home so I can see first hand the room they’re thinking about.

You should definitely look at the colors in that space and plan on using those room colors for wardrobe color inspiration. Take a look at this design…


The yellow in the chair with the yellow in the girls clothes pair it nicely. It looks like this shoot was styled for this specific space. The warm colors of the location also help add to that affect too.

Did you notice this wall is brick too? What a nightmare to install a gallery on, right? Well no fear, all of my wall gallery purchases of three or more pieces come with professional installation. So you can sit back and watch your gallery being installed.

Location: First United Methodist Church, Carrollton Texas.

411 on my frames: Glass vs. Acrylic

When you think of a photo frame, chances are you think of a traditional wood or metal frame and a glass pane. It’s what you’d probably find on the walls at your parent’s house. But there’s a new kid in town that we’d like to introduce you to: acrylic.

Let's chat about glass first

Glass is classic and the weighty feel of it makes the frame feel luxe. It’s been a mainstay for years and when you walk the home decor aisle of any superstore, or even in your own home, glass is always there. This is mainly because glass is inexpensive, lowering costs of production for manufacturers, and durable, being able to withstand some rough treatment from cleaning agents. A couple of pro photo labs use glass in their photo framing as well.

But I have quickly learned, glass is a huge pain. Huge. Here are the realities of glass:

It’s highly breakable. Especially in transit. I can’t even tell you the number of times I had shipping damages when my frames were comprised of glass. Too many. It’s for this reason that many online retailers, prefer frames with acrylic. It also weighs less than half of glass, which helps keeps shipping costs down. So because I hand deliver or ship my frames, acrylic is the superior option.

Because of the risk of injury that comes with glass frames, they should never be used in rooms where children frequent - living rooms, nurseries, etc. Anything could happen, and you don’t want the risk of the glass breaking and injuring someone. Not to mention when glass breaks it can seriously damage the photograph itself. Plus the pain of having to sweep of all that broken glass? Ugh, no thanks.

That weighty, luxe feeling that we all love? Yeah, that’s not a good thing when it comes to medium and large sized frames. The weight of the glass will cause the frame to bow. There’s not much that can help you avoid this issue. Even at a professional custom frame shop, acrylic will be recommended in frames over 16x20 and in frames with modern, thin profiles.

The glare and tint. While most don’t realize it, glass is not completely color-free. It commonly has a green tint due to the iron content which Compromises the viewing quality of your work. No one wants to see a greenish tinted wedding photo.

That's it for now! I'll be sharing the pros and cons of acrylic soon! 

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