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How to style your photo shoot

If you’re thinking about a photo shoot there should be some questions going through your mind. You probably are thinking there are a MILLION QUESTIONS! I want my families to have the less stressed photo shoot ever. So I always help beforehand with questions to make it go smoothly.

One of the first questions I ask is, “Where do you imagine your photos living in your home?” Often times this will happen in their home so I can see first hand the room they’re thinking about.

You should definitely look at the colors in that space and plan on using those room colors for wardrobe color inspiration. Take a look at this design…


The yellow in the chair with the yellow in the girls clothes pair it nicely. It looks like this shoot was styled for this specific space. The warm colors of the location also help add to that affect too.

Did you notice this wall is brick too? What a nightmare to install a gallery on, right? Well no fear, all of my wall gallery purchases of three or more pieces come with professional installation. So you can sit back and watch your gallery being installed.

Location: First United Methodist Church, Carrollton Texas.

2018 Holiday Card Designs

It’s that time of year again!


Here are the options for holiday cards for 2018. These designs are fully customizable. You can change the orientation of the photos, what the text says, background colors, ect. You may also mix and match front and backs.

Or you can feel overwhelmed by all the different options and just choose a design!

Cards are printed on pearl cardstock paper.
Round or square corners
5x7 size with envelopes
Set of 25 $45
or included with the purchase of a wall gallery

Locations: Urban

Location, location, location

Before I talk anything about location, I want to also stress that as much as you might worry about location and clothing, your photo session is about the time that you spent with your family and making memories. 


What goes into deciding on a location? 

First things first I think you should think about locations in two different categories. 
Urban or Nature. 
This will help you narrow down the options a bit. 
Not all locations fall into these two categories but I think it's a good starting point. 

Next I want you to think about what suites your family the best. For your whole life you've lived in Plano and never had photos taken downtown, that would be a great option to consider.
Or if your family enjoys bike rides through
Andy Brown East Park in Coppell that might be a good fit. 

Lastly, I want you to think about the space you want your photos to live. 
If you want a gallery wall in your living room and the color scheme is brown and green then I'd suggest going for a nature location. You also need to look at the art that is already hanging in your space.  If you have mostly urban locations for your photo shoots already hanging up, then I'd also suggest sticking with an urban location. I can advise during our planning meeting.

This location fits this space very nicely. The colors are grey, white, and navy and not only do those colors pair nicely with an urban location but BONUS tip is that those colors are repeated in the family's clothing! (more about that later!) Location: Downtown Lewisville

This location fits this space very nicely. The colors are grey, white, and navy and not only do those colors pair nicely with an urban location but BONUS tip is that those colors are repeated in the family's clothing! (more about that later!)
Location: Downtown Lewisville

A few urban locations in the DFW area

Urban places I want to photograph: 

George's Coffee and Provisions in Coppell
The Lumen Room Red in Dallas

Trinity grove on the Margaret Hunt Bridge
Fort Worth Stock Yards
Grapevine Train Depot
The Canals at Los Colinas in Irving
Fountain Place in Dallas
UTD in Richardson
A great find on Airbnb!

October waitlist now open!

Hi! Are you interested in an OCTOBER Photo Session? 


It's my busiest time of year!

Official sign ups start on AUGUST 25, but sign up on the waiting list below! 

There are only SEVEN spots in October that are available! 

Name *
Phone *
I'm interested in an OCTOBER Photo Session! *
If you book from the wait list you will see the available dates and can choose a date then. This is to give me an idea of your availability now.
How many people, ages, why do you want family photos, when was the last family photo?

Let me tell you about my sessions...

Can I just tell you how excited I am that you're considering a session with me?!

For many people, this is their first experience with a family boutique photographer, so I would love to share some info with you!

photo experience.jpg


I'd like to make the whole process way less overwhelming! Shall we dig in?! I specialize in photographing families and help families get their photos off of their computers and onto the walls of their homes.

The biggest difference you'll see with a me, and other photographers is the personalized attention!

I'll coach you through the process of what to wear, how to interact with your kids on portrait day (trust me on this one), what will look best on your walls, and everything in between! I will literally hold your hand through every step of the process and answer as many questions as you need to ask to feel comfortable!

Moment of truth... what is this going to cost me? I actually want to ask YOU a question first. When your children are grown, when your spouse has a few more wrinkles than you remembered, and your parents have passed.... what will you have left to remember those you love most? More importantly, what will you have to pass on as a legacy to your family? Chances are, it will be two things: the memories and the photographs. Aside from some smudges on your walls and well-loved toys, your photos will be the one tangible thing that celebrate and remember your journey. These are more than just ink on paper or a DVD - these are the moments that tell your story! If you color your hair every other month, or grab a coffee a few times a week.... you are EASILY spending MUCH more per year on these things that, while fabulous, will fade away! I treat each client with care and invest at least at least 8 hours of my time to ensure you have the best experience possible!

For that reason, each session with me is $240+tax, which covers my time, creative talent, and the expertise that I pour into your session! The session fee does not include any products or digital files. You'll invest in those during your ordering session! Most of my family clients are so in love with their images (many tear up when they see them) that they usually invest an additional $499-1200 on canvases, wall art, prints, and digital files (but you can certainly choose more or less than that depending upon your need)! Still not convinced? Check out what my clients have to say about their experience with Kaitlin Roten Photography !!! 


Hannah B. says...

"If you are looking for a photographer for family photos, I would highly recommend Kaitlin Roten Photography! She puts time and attention into preparing props and thinking of ideas that would make for great pictures. And if you have children, she came prepared with things to entertain our kids and to get them to hang in there ;) We love our pictures and will cherish them forever!"


"Best pictures we have ever taken! Loved every single one! Highly recommended!!" -Alisa D.

"She patiently answered my many questions! She is highly professional in her approach, but reassuring and affirming in her demeanour. This meant we felt relaxed and Kaitlin was able to capture the real heart of our family! All in all, a lovely expreience and I would highly recommend Kaitlin to others!" -Lucy S. 


"Kaitlin is a treasure of a photographer, without a doubt the most professional and talented one we have ever had the pleasure of working with.. Not only is her customer service impeccable, she is a pleasure to work and make plans with, but most importantly, she captures our family as we are. You can see, captured in her work, our children's personalities and the love in our family. Her work is displayed all over our home, and we count the memories she captured among our most treasured possessions." - Rachael D. 

Cohen Reinartz – Family Rep Program

So it’s a rule that you have to think your baby is the most adorable baby ever.  There is no pretending here – Cohen really is so adorable.  When my son, Phoenix was about this age, a lady stopped me in a coffee shop and said (very genuinely!) “I really think you have the most beautiful baby I’ve ever seen!” I loved that and still remember almost 7 years later.  I’m pretty sure that when Kevin and Jessica are in public with Cohen people say the same things.  He is just so beautiful and sweet! 

Photo of Baby in Texas

I love photographing kids as they grow up!
It’s so great to see how much they’ve changed physically but also to see their personalities to come out! 

If you missed his sweet puppy and dinosaur newborn photos SEE THEM HERE! 

Photo Gallery Wall Design

I’ve recently discovered that I love what babies do with their arms.
They are really great at arm/hand models. 
Babies usually just put their hands and arms in the perfect spots to create a spontaneous photo…you know when they’re not chewing on their hands.  

Thank you, guys!!! I am looking forward to photographing the whole family next month! I love having you apart of my Family Rep Program! 

Location: Friends of Furneaux creek in Carrollton, Texas off of the Blue Trail.  

Baby Photo Pose
The Bird Family: Family Rep Program

Introducing the Bird family! I secretly wanted to be friends with Amy before she even knew who I was. She always amazed me with her carefree attitude of taking care of so many people in her life but still managing to look really cute and always using a nice sweet voice with her kids:)

I think we became friends when my youngest starting calling her youngest “Dadda’s baby” because he was her teacher in nursery at church. 

And to make matters even more confusing, her husband, Eric is about the same height as my husband (which is really tall) and they usually wear the same color of colors (do they coordinate that stuff?!) so I often find myself from the corner of my eyes *almost* mistaking Eric for Thomas — which could be really embarrassing one day.  

They really do have an awesome family! 

Some of the favorites…

Here is Sydney, Evie, Eric, Amy, Josie, Silas, and Owen (from left to right)

Thank you, guys!!! I love having you apart of my Family Rep Program! 

Location: Friends of Furneaux creek in Carrollton, Texas off of the Blue Trail.  

The Baxter’s Christmas Session

I’m nervous about sharing Christmas sessions because of the anticipation of sharing for Christmas cards – but when Carrie shared over her social media I knew that I could too! I love repeating photographing families! Last year this little girl was much harder to get her to look decently happy for her photos – this year….completely different! It’s so fun watching kids grow up in front of my camera! So many cute family photos to share with friends and family I can’t wait to see which one they choose! 

Having photos on our walls help us remember sharing fun experiences with each other. 
They also help you remember to love and appreciation those who matter most in your lives. 
When you’re having a tough day, you inevitably walk by a portrait of each other and it acts a reminder to appreciate each other.  

Location: Downtown Prosper, Texas

Our Fall Family Photos: What we wore/What to wear Wednesdays

We went to Wimberly to celebrate my husband’s 30th birthday! The place that his parents rented out was AMAZING. It’s also a wedding venue so naturally it was breathtaking.  At the very last minute I announced we were all doing family photos! I (naturally) went to Express to buy the a floral tie for Thomas that I mentioned just a few weeks ago as an awesome accessory for guys.

I do have to brag that he and his dad both reacted strongly against the tie but then they both commented how nice it was (yes! Fist pumps!!)
And also a huge thank you to his dad and mom for taking the photos and for entertaining our kids to have them actually look at the camera! I can’t wait to get these huge up on my family wall! 

I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the tulle skirt and hope that it convinces you to wear one to your session! It’s so flowly it looks great on camera. And here’s another tip – my shirt was super tight in all the wrong places – bouquet of flowers fixed that problem right away! Who knew flowers could make you look 10 pounds lighter? 

Location: Sacred Passage Chapel in Wimberly, Texas

What are you looking for in a family photographer?

It’s OCTOBER! So that means the hope of cooler temperatures and FAMILY PHOTOS! October has to be the craziest month for family photographers – I LOVE IT! I wanted to give you a few questions to go through to know how and who to hire as your family photographer.  I’m going to give answers to the questions for my family photography business. But if you feel like we wouldn’t jive together – then just use this information to find a photographer that you love!



  1.  Shooting style.  
  2. What is the photographer’s shooting style that you prefer? Is it dark and moody or bright and airy? Each session should have the same style.  When you’re looking at a photographers’s work (which should be the BEST OF THE BEST on their portfolio and blog) do they have a consistent style? I’d want to know what I was getting into before paying for a service.  The quality of the photographer will tell you if their work is all over the place and not consistent.   I fall into the category of bright and airy.  My images have a lot of light in them with subtle warm tones.  I’ve made a photographing system so that my images are consistent and you know generally what you’re getting before you book a session with me.  
  3. Image Style and your own style
    This kind of goes with the one above, but I wanted to make it a separate point.  If a photographer’s style isn’t consistent with yours, then you are not going to want to purchase prints and products to put them up in your home.  I give many examples of my work on the wall’s on my client’s homes.  I even give you a sneak peak of your images on the wall.  
  4. Quality
    Is the work of the photographer the same? Are all of the images in focus, have the same feel? You should definitely know what you’re getting into before you purchase a session. The work on my blog is consistent with the other images that I share with my client that I do not feature on my blog. I send my clients a preview of an entire family session so they can see what they can expect.  Would you like to see a sample family session? Just email me! 
  5. Investment (have you read my “why photography costs so much?“)
    Can I afford this photographer? Pricing for photography is ALL over the place.  If you want great photos – you’re going to have to pay for it.  I think great photographs (one that you want to hang in your homes) is worth saving up for.  When people say they can’t afford, in most cases it’s actually saying they don’t want to afford.  People save up for all kinds of things – a new iPhone, trip to Disney, a new car.  It’s really about priorities.  My sessions start at $199 for an hour.  This is the session fee. After the session I meet with my clients to have a very exciting (!!!) viewing party where they view their images.  From there, the client can choose which images they love and want to hang on their walls. Before booking, I give my client a price list of options for prints and products so they know how much things will cost. Would you like to see this? Just email me! 
  6. Photographer/Client Relationship
    Does the photographer know how to treat adults and kids? Do they treat the client strictly as a client, acquaintance, or friend? Does the photographer know how to pose each different client to be flattering? Does the photographer have a rescheduling charge? How easily is it for you to contact the photographer? I feel like we just became best friends when I photograph someone.  I remember everyone who I’ve ever photographed in the last 11 years! I love to keep our original date that we settled on, but moving your session to another date is fine as long as my calendar is free. 
  7. Specialize: 
    Does the photographer specialize in a certain area? If they do, they probably enjoy that area more than others and are more consistent and talented in that area.  I’ve been photographing for 11 years and really feel like I’m gravitating towards families and kids more than weddings.  I definitely photograph weddings but my niche is definitely with families. 

That’s it for now! I’m excited to be putting together an e-book of “What to Expect” that will give you an idea of how to book a session with me and the order of events. Stay tuned! WHAT TO EXPECT GUIDE NOW AVAILABLE! 

What to Wear Wednesdays: Ties for Guys

If you’ve been keeping up with what’s in fashion for this fall then you’ll know these two things…


I wanted to give you some options for ties for the men if your life.  I’m SO happy that skinny ties are still in – I’m sure in a a decade or so we’ll all be flocking to the thrift stores to get our hands on the wider ties…but for now definitely stick with the skinnier ties.

If you haven’t seen my general guide for what to wear for the guys then check it out here!

These are definitely not feminine! They’re look awesome with a great outfit on the lady.
I’m imagining a tulle skirt paired with this.  I’d love that.

Core Skinny Tie $20
Black Skinny Tie $20

Eric and Amanda


A few favorites from an awesome early morning perfectly dressed couple! Wowzers!
I’ve been begging for someone to wear a tulle skirt and it finally happened! Look how awesome it looks on camera!

Having photos printed in your house for all to see! It’s just not about you.  It’s about the time we’ve both invested in this photo experience.  It’s also about your future children and their children seeing these photos of how you both love each other so much! It’s much more than seeing photos – it’s about experiencing the love between the two of you that will pass down from generation to generation!

Love the details here.  These are going straight to my style guide magazine!
Hot off the press this week! I’m so excited!!!
Having details in your session make your session look more editorial.

Huge thanks for Jennifer Peterson of Lip Lock Smooches for awesome make-up!

Location: First United Methodist Church, Carrollton Texas

What to wear Wednesdays: What’s in the fall

Life is sort of back to normal around here and that means WHAT TO WEAR WEDNESDAYS is BACK!

I already mentioned (even though it totally doesn’t feel like Fall is around the corner here in North Dallas) I’m going to be talking about what to wear to your fall sessions. I’m super super excited to announce that my October is fully booked for session but I do have a few spots left as of today for November.

If you’d like to schedule a session in November you can totally get your photos back in time to order Holiday Cards, prints, or products for yourself or family members.  I’m loving this heirloom locket necklace – it would make a great gift!


Ok back to What to Wear…. here are some things that are in style for the fall (according to Elle Magazine guide – because I am not that cool to make these things up)…

  • The color red
  • Couch floral patterns (also called micro florals)
  • Deconstructed shirts (think cold shoulder)
  • High collars
  • Long skirts or dresses
  • Thick belts

That’s a lot to work with!

I’ve found 2 awesome red dresses that I think would look great on camera for your fall session:

Venus Cold Shoulder Dress
Venue Pleated Flare Dress

Charlotte Russe Floral Mesh Maxi Skirt $26– I think this is a great option to use the colors that I usually recommend and try to have a little bit of the fall colors

Floral Ruffle-Trim Wrap Skirt $29

Floral Tulle Overlay Skirt $27

Floral Midi Wrap Skirt $15

What to wear Wednesday: Keeping in thrifty!

I’m sure you’ve heard of poshmark! Super great to get some awesome deals.  It’s a GREAT place to find an awesome outfit for your FALL photos! I’m transitioning today in talking all about fall photos!

I’m loving the color yellow for fall photos.  (That’s what I’m planning on wearing for our fall photos..stay tuned!!)

Look at this awesome Nordstom’s Boho Fringe Kimono with a tad of yellow in it! It also complies with my style guide to choose lighter colors for portraits.  AND GUYS…’s $8!!! Whatttt???? That’s just drop everything you’re doing and head over there to get it NOW! Yikes!!!


This is from an awesome stylist Brittany Thomas.  You should check her shop out and come back to check out as she updates it regularly.

This is my first (probably of MANY!) announcement that I’m working with her and a bunch of other local vendors on an awesome wedding styled shoot coming your way in late September.

And one more mention about Fall Photos – If you’re hoping for an October weekend session then contact me now, lickety-split!  I have just 1 spot left (October 29th!) – is it going to go to you?? Time would be either at 7:30am or 6:15pm.  (I go into the why about these times in my style guide that also comes with booking a session with me! It’ll help you also with MORE what to wear!)

Thanks for reading my what to wear Wednesdays!

Elliott Family


I first met Brenda and her family at the photo session.  I could tell immediately that she was friends with another one of my sweet clients! Her kids were so well behaved and seriously genuine laughs came out! So much fun! This location was the set of my fall mini-sessions by First United Methodist Church in Carrollton.  Love the greens and the seclusion of this location.  Mini-sessions are so quick, I hope I get to spend more time with this family soon! 

Location: First United Methodist Church, Carrollton.  

The Almost Family Reunion (Baxter Family)

I call this the almost family reunion because I think family reunions are technically when family comes from far away to see each other when they haven’t seen each other in a while.  Totally not this case (they all live close!) but with this many families coming together it felt that way.  This was such a fun location and I LOVE how everyone dressed, I think I kept saying that over and over again.  Perfect example of how to dress for your family photo shoot.  Every year the grandparents and kids with their grandkids come together to get this one shot and this year they wanted the shot and then some more.  I hope these photos bring you many happy memories for years to come! I really do think that getting photos taken help us love and appreciate our families a little more – and everyone could use a little of that in their lives.  Thank you guys so much!



Location: Myers Park & Event Center in Celina.

Thomas' Christmas Photos

It really is special when I get to photograph a family over and over.  It helps to know the kids to get them to open up to me! These are some shots of the Thomas’ kids that I’ve photographed before for their Christmas photos.  Thank you!!!