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How to have a successful family photo shoot with kids under the age of 5

So a few years ago I stopped taking wedding clients. It wasn't that I didn't like photographing weddings. It was because I discovered that my talents are better aligned with kids. I LOVE taking photos of kids.  With 10 years of experience, I have some tricks up my sleeves to help you have a successful family photo shoot.

You're investing a lot of time and money into your shoot - and what if your kids are just a disaster???? It's risky! But listen up to my tips so that it's successful.  

#1 First when we talk about time of day it really is "what's best for your kids"? Sure, you might have more time in the day to get hair and makeup done if you have your sessions in the evening, but if your kids are melting down - let's plan on having the shoot in the morning. So if you have kids, think first when they are most happy. 

#2 While your photo shoot is for a certain time, an hour or two typically, I don't expect your kids to perform for the whole time.  Your kids (or you!) are encouraged to take a break, eat a non-messy snack, or drink.  You know your kids best, so I'll leave it up to you to tell me they're reaching their limits and need to take a break.  While they're breaking I can get brother and dad together, mom and dad together, or another combination.  

#3 Let me work with your kids.  You might have a special phrase you say with your kids to get them to smile, maybe it's "monkey poops" or something like that.  Leave that for when you're photographing your kids and let me take charge.  Most of the time with those phrases I get smiles that makes them look like they're pooping.  So I'd rather get them genuinely smiling or laughing. I do have some "games" that will get them to look natural too! 

#4 It's ok to bribe them.  In fact, I suggest that you talk about a fun thing you can do after your session because of their awesome attitudes during the session. You could consider donuts, ice cream, blowing out birthday candles, or going to a new park!

#5 Not all of your family photos will be you sitting, smiling, and looking at the camera. Personally I think that the best family photos are the non-camera aware photos where everyone is looking at each other having a good time.  This doesn't mean that I don't try to get the looking at the camera smiling photos - I know this is the holy grail of family photos. Some of your photos I'll ask you to specifically interact with each other so that everyone looks natural.  Other times I'll have everyone looking at the camera for the holy grail shot.  When I'm working on the holy grail shot it's really important for you as the parent to resist the urge to look at your kids.  If you just hold your gaze at me then I will use my tricks to get your kids to look at me.  But I think it's helpful to know that not all of your family photos will be you looking and smiling at the camera. 


School Photo Re-Take Day FAQs

If you missed the announcement here it is! For this spring I'm hosting an exclusive re-take day for any of you who had a bad experience with school photos this last year, especially if you hated them so much you didn't buy them! 

If you've been here awhile you know that I'm all about creating a photo legacy for your family. So if you didn't like your kid's school photos and didn't buy them, well that isn't a photo legacy.  I want to be apart of creating something that you love AND to give your kid's confidence in their school photos - because they don't have to be bad!!! 

I'm getting a few FAQ's about the April 29 sessions...

1) What ages are your photographing? 
I photograph from Mother's Day Out Programs (including babies!) to High School.

2) What photos will you be taking? 
For me, the looking at the camera smiling photo is what parent's want most of all.  You probably will get the option to select more than one photo. I usually take up to 5 photos of each kids. I can also take sibling photos! This is what makes having a school boutique business awesome - I can do what I want! So this will also be an option for viewing afterwards as well. 

3) What should my child wear? 
If your child wears a uniform to school and you want them photographed in that, bring that AND also bring another quick outfit.  My general clothing suggestion is to dress in light, neutral, and freshly ironed clothing.  

4) What time will the mini-sessions be offered? 
They will start at 2:30pm and be scheduled incrementally after that.  You should allow up to 15 minutes for each child to be photographed - this will be plenty of time. 

5) Where will the mini-sessions be offered? 
They will be photographed outside (who said school photos had to be inside?!) with a natural backdrop and then I will also use a white photography seamless background.  Once you sign up for a spot the exact address will be given to you.  It will take place near Hebron and Josey intersection in Carrollton. 

6) What is the cost of the session? 
Best news - there is no sitting fee! If you do say you are coming, please please please show up.  After your photos you can see them and decide if you want to purchase any of my collections or a la carte prints.  Collections start at $39 and include the digital downloads.  All prints are mounted for framing, except wallets (that would be weird) or if you for some reason do not want to frame the photos.  

School Photo Re-take Day

If your kid’s school photos don’t look like this, if they didn’t end up on your wall but in a drawer then {LISTEN UP!!}.

School Photo Wall Design

Why are you buying something that is sub-par?

Wouldn’t you rather buy school photos of your kids that you actually LOVE? That’s like throwing your money away...and that’s just bonkers!

Don’t you want your kids to have a great school portrait experience that can boost their confidence by how awesome it makes them look and feel?

If you didn’t do it right the first time...or the last 13 times {I’M HERE FOR YOU!}.

I’m launching my exclusive spring mini sessions so we can just say no to bad school’s like a re-take day.

And you get to see my new 2018 student products- don’t they look lovely?

{April 29!} School Photo Re-Take day, without the cheesy poses, weird backgrounds, or props that aren’t focused on your kids! And what’s great is...there isn’t a session fee! It’s just like school photos, come, I’ll photograph them, you see and like them, then buy.

School photos with frame
Professional frame options
Cohen Reinartz – Family Rep Program

So it’s a rule that you have to think your baby is the most adorable baby ever.  There is no pretending here – Cohen really is so adorable.  When my son, Phoenix was about this age, a lady stopped me in a coffee shop and said (very genuinely!) “I really think you have the most beautiful baby I’ve ever seen!” I loved that and still remember almost 7 years later.  I’m pretty sure that when Kevin and Jessica are in public with Cohen people say the same things.  He is just so beautiful and sweet! 

Photo of Baby in Texas

I love photographing kids as they grow up!
It’s so great to see how much they’ve changed physically but also to see their personalities to come out! 

If you missed his sweet puppy and dinosaur newborn photos SEE THEM HERE! 

Photo Gallery Wall Design

I’ve recently discovered that I love what babies do with their arms.
They are really great at arm/hand models. 
Babies usually just put their hands and arms in the perfect spots to create a spontaneous photo…you know when they’re not chewing on their hands.  

Thank you, guys!!! I am looking forward to photographing the whole family next month! I love having you apart of my Family Rep Program! 

Location: Friends of Furneaux creek in Carrollton, Texas off of the Blue Trail.  

Baby Photo Pose
Thomas' Christmas Photos

It really is special when I get to photograph a family over and over.  It helps to know the kids to get them to open up to me! These are some shots of the Thomas’ kids that I’ve photographed before for their Christmas photos.  Thank you!!!