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Before and After (in the office today!)

A little secret -I go to the schools that I'm going to photograph beforehand and bring my little one. I have SO many photos of her - and often bribe her with marshmallows.  She's very good.  I think she's getting a little tired of being my model but it works great! It helps work out a specific location that can be tricky for outside school portraits. 

Here's a straight out of camera shot and just a few tweaks that I do in Lightroom.  

I don't usually have to go a lot of edits but sometimes I bomb a specific photo. It happens.  I was so sad when the cute first one was blown out - just a simple edits made it a winner. 

I'm excited to photograph this school this spring! 

School Photo Re-Take Day FAQs

If you missed the announcement here it is! For this spring I'm hosting an exclusive re-take day for any of you who had a bad experience with school photos this last year, especially if you hated them so much you didn't buy them! 

If you've been here awhile you know that I'm all about creating a photo legacy for your family. So if you didn't like your kid's school photos and didn't buy them, well that isn't a photo legacy.  I want to be apart of creating something that you love AND to give your kid's confidence in their school photos - because they don't have to be bad!!! 

I'm getting a few FAQ's about the April 29 sessions...

1) What ages are your photographing? 
I photograph from Mother's Day Out Programs (including babies!) to High School.

2) What photos will you be taking? 
For me, the looking at the camera smiling photo is what parent's want most of all.  You probably will get the option to select more than one photo. I usually take up to 5 photos of each kids. I can also take sibling photos! This is what makes having a school boutique business awesome - I can do what I want! So this will also be an option for viewing afterwards as well. 

3) What should my child wear? 
If your child wears a uniform to school and you want them photographed in that, bring that AND also bring another quick outfit.  My general clothing suggestion is to dress in light, neutral, and freshly ironed clothing.  

4) What time will the mini-sessions be offered? 
They will start at 2:30pm and be scheduled incrementally after that.  You should allow up to 15 minutes for each child to be photographed - this will be plenty of time. 

5) Where will the mini-sessions be offered? 
They will be photographed outside (who said school photos had to be inside?!) with a natural backdrop and then I will also use a white photography seamless background.  Once you sign up for a spot the exact address will be given to you.  It will take place near Hebron and Josey intersection in Carrollton. 

6) What is the cost of the session? 
Best news - there is no sitting fee! If you do say you are coming, please please please show up.  After your photos you can see them and decide if you want to purchase any of my collections or a la carte prints.  Collections start at $39 and include the digital downloads.  All prints are mounted for framing, except wallets (that would be weird) or if you for some reason do not want to frame the photos.  

School Photo Re-take Day

If your kid’s school photos don’t look like this, if they didn’t end up on your wall but in a drawer then {LISTEN UP!!}.

School Photo Wall Design

Why are you buying something that is sub-par?

Wouldn’t you rather buy school photos of your kids that you actually LOVE? That’s like throwing your money away...and that’s just bonkers!

Don’t you want your kids to have a great school portrait experience that can boost their confidence by how awesome it makes them look and feel?

If you didn’t do it right the first time...or the last 13 times {I’M HERE FOR YOU!}.

I’m launching my exclusive spring mini sessions so we can just say no to bad school’s like a re-take day.

And you get to see my new 2018 student products- don’t they look lovely?

{April 29!} School Photo Re-Take day, without the cheesy poses, weird backgrounds, or props that aren’t focused on your kids! And what’s great is...there isn’t a session fee! It’s just like school photos, come, I’ll photograph them, you see and like them, then buy.

School photos with frame
Professional frame options
Jack, Jules, and Bianca + awesome (simple!) new location

I had been driving by this certain field off of March Lane for some time eyeing it for a portrait session.  I thought that it was private but when I saw that it’s actually owned by the city I was so excited! It’s the perfect simple field for a mini-session.  A great spot for kids who aren’t super mobile.  I had my extra help that day (my son, Phoenix) who was helping get sweet smiles from the kids.  Jack and Jules (baby) gave great feedback to Phoenix’s funny dances and noises.  Bianca was a little more harder to please, but in the end that smile was worth gold! I was extra glad I had his help that day because I had bent down in a HUMONGOUS red ant hill and they were quickly climbing up my jeans.   Luckily I didn’t have to strip (that was going to be plan B) but brushed them off with some baby blankets! A session I’ll never forget – it’s like that session I had where all of us where chased by bees! I also won’t forget this session because the two older kids LOVE throw up sounds so I was basically making throw up sounds the entire time! 

Location: Marsh Lane field near Oak Creek Park

Elliott Family


I first met Brenda and her family at the photo session.  I could tell immediately that she was friends with another one of my sweet clients! Her kids were so well behaved and seriously genuine laughs came out! So much fun! This location was the set of my fall mini-sessions by First United Methodist Church in Carrollton.  Love the greens and the seclusion of this location.  Mini-sessions are so quick, I hope I get to spend more time with this family soon! 

Location: First United Methodist Church, Carrollton.  

Skip the school photos

I felt freedom when Phoenix brought home his school photos form and it actually had an option to choose “I do not want my child photographed”. HOORAY! He asked what he should say if they asked why…I think I listed about three very snobby (and sarcastic) answers to give, but I’m pretty sure he didn’t say any of them.  But I was able to bribe him into wearing sweats on “picture day” so that later on in the week I could have him wear nice clothes that I picked out for a real photo.  The deal was also in wetting down his hair, he obliged.  As I say in my style guide I give to all my clients – I LOVE the lighter colors for clothing.  They make the photograph brighter and dreamier:) 


I had a real hard time convincing him to not show too much of his very new “one less tooth” smile, but it made for good memories and documentation. It’s so cute too!!!


Adelaide does whatever her brother does. She usually isn’t too hard to convince to do things, but in this case she was in tears! It was windy and cold and she was all frowns.  The tears are coming…

So the moral of the story is: just say no to school pictures.  Schedule a mini Spring shoot!! Details to come… So the moral of the story is: just say no to school pictures.  Schedule a mini Spring shoot!! Details to come…