What are you looking for in a family photographer?

It’s OCTOBER! So that means the hope of cooler temperatures and FAMILY PHOTOS! October has to be the craziest month for family photographers – I LOVE IT! I wanted to give you a few questions to go through to know how and who to hire as your family photographer.  I’m going to give answers to the questions for my family photography business. But if you feel like we wouldn’t jive together – then just use this information to find a photographer that you love!



  1.  Shooting style.  
  2. What is the photographer’s shooting style that you prefer? Is it dark and moody or bright and airy? Each session should have the same style.  When you’re looking at a photographers’s work (which should be the BEST OF THE BEST on their portfolio and blog) do they have a consistent style? I’d want to know what I was getting into before paying for a service.  The quality of the photographer will tell you if their work is all over the place and not consistent.   I fall into the category of bright and airy.  My images have a lot of light in them with subtle warm tones.  I’ve made a photographing system so that my images are consistent and you know generally what you’re getting before you book a session with me.  
  3. Image Style and your own style
    This kind of goes with the one above, but I wanted to make it a separate point.  If a photographer’s style isn’t consistent with yours, then you are not going to want to purchase prints and products to put them up in your home.  I give many examples of my work on the wall’s on my client’s homes.  I even give you a sneak peak of your images on the wall.  
  4. Quality
    Is the work of the photographer the same? Are all of the images in focus, have the same feel? You should definitely know what you’re getting into before you purchase a session. The work on my blog is consistent with the other images that I share with my client that I do not feature on my blog. I send my clients a preview of an entire family session so they can see what they can expect.  Would you like to see a sample family session? Just email me! 
  5. Investment (have you read my “why photography costs so much?“)
    Can I afford this photographer? Pricing for photography is ALL over the place.  If you want great photos – you’re going to have to pay for it.  I think great photographs (one that you want to hang in your homes) is worth saving up for.  When people say they can’t afford, in most cases it’s actually saying they don’t want to afford.  People save up for all kinds of things – a new iPhone, trip to Disney, a new car.  It’s really about priorities.  My sessions start at $199 for an hour.  This is the session fee. After the session I meet with my clients to have a very exciting (!!!) viewing party where they view their images.  From there, the client can choose which images they love and want to hang on their walls. Before booking, I give my client a price list of options for prints and products so they know how much things will cost. Would you like to see this? Just email me! 
  6. Photographer/Client Relationship
    Does the photographer know how to treat adults and kids? Do they treat the client strictly as a client, acquaintance, or friend? Does the photographer know how to pose each different client to be flattering? Does the photographer have a rescheduling charge? How easily is it for you to contact the photographer? I feel like we just became best friends when I photograph someone.  I remember everyone who I’ve ever photographed in the last 11 years! I love to keep our original date that we settled on, but moving your session to another date is fine as long as my calendar is free. 
  7. Specialize: 
    Does the photographer specialize in a certain area? If they do, they probably enjoy that area more than others and are more consistent and talented in that area.  I’ve been photographing for 11 years and really feel like I’m gravitating towards families and kids more than weddings.  I definitely photograph weddings but my niche is definitely with families. 

That’s it for now! I’m excited to be putting together an e-book of “What to Expect” that will give you an idea of how to book a session with me and the order of events. Stay tuned! WHAT TO EXPECT GUIDE NOW AVAILABLE!