Custom Wall Design Services

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Have you ever wanted to create a gallery wall of your photos but you you didn't know where to start? You didn't know what design would look the best or change you mind AFTER you've put nail holes in your walls? CUE - my custom wall design services! 


There are three easy steps to this process. 

1) You photograph your walls where you want your photos to live. Here's the "how to" guide
You send me up to 25 photos that you want me to use to design your gallery.  These can be photos I've taken for your family, photos you've taken, or photos you have printing rights to. 

2) I design a digital mock up using the images and the products I have available. This can be for up to three different spaces in your home. You can see YOUR wall with YOUR photos! 

3) You choose which design you want to purchase and you receive professionally printed images that are ready to go up on your walls! Installation services are also available for purchase.