Read More What to wear Wednesdays: Color choice

If you missed my last “what to wear Wednesdays: slight casual engagement session” check it out here.  I also have several other clothing suggestion posts for guys for spring portraitsfamily sessions, and the ladies for their spring sessions.

When I first started doing photography (nearly 10 years ago – whhhatttt???) I mostly suggested choosing the coloring of clothing you felt most comfortable in.  I always remember my grandma and mom saying that I look best in bright colors so for me I often leaned toward choosing brighter colors for photos.  I also am that person who chooses a paint sample and goes for the paint on the brighter bolder side! As I’ve been photographing throughout the years now, I recommend choosing softer more neutral colors for your outfit choice.  In my professional opinion, light colors compliment the skin better and compliment golden hour colors from the sun better (which is when I suggest scheduling your portrait session).  It also takes the attention away from what you’re wearing and puts it on your face!  And from a technical perspective it allows the sun to light up your face making for a brighter and crispier photo!

So for today’s images I wanted to show you the difference between choosing a bold color for clothing verses a more subtle color.  I recently did preschool photos (it was such a good experience too!) and like I always do I gave the parents some clothing suggestions.  The suggestions included choosing more subtle colors.  The first time around the sweetest little girl wore a beautiful dress and then for re-takes she wore a light pink dress. The differences in the photos are AWESOME! Her parents both agreed that the light dress suited for photo much better. (By the way I totally asked if I could share this story!)

Isn’t she SO cute???? The first photo is totally a great photo (if I do say so myself!) but I think the second photo takes the attention away from her outfit and puts it on her cute little face! I can see the second photo displayed in their house for many many years:)


I also give all my clients a very detailed “How to Style your Portrait Session” guide when you book.  It goes over this and much more!