The Berry Family

Sneak peak of this fun beautiful family session! I feel like this age of kids is SUPER important to have family photos because the kids are

  1. usually naked — OR—
  2. have cheerios stuck in very unusual folds in their necks.

But most importantly is this stage is super super hard and having family photos really helps us to appreciate the ones closest in our lives! And we all need a little more appreciation to go around, right?

I have some tricks up my sleeve to help keep the little ones happy so that you can get these family photos to help you remember how little these ones are!

Cute brother and sister! Nice pose, Whit! I didn’t even ask you to squat, but I LOVE it:) You just never know what your going to get from the little ones. 


Such a sweet face from Myla here!


Love the blue eyes with the darker blue on the outside! 


Location: Friends on Furneaux Creek on the Carrollton Greenbelt