Jay's Senior Photos in Las Colinas Canals

I photograph quite a few older guys and it’s about the same, they’re really not into their photos and they just want to get it done. Pretty typical. It’s really hard for them to warm up to the idea of professional portraits.

But Jay was totally willing to do anything his mom asked him. After our planning meeting I’m let his mom know that he is really sweet and she did such a great job raising him - major mom points.

Jay was such a sport for his photos. He’s not the type of guy who wants a large canvas of himself on the wall but he did like THE BEST job in front of the camera to make his mom (and grandma, and all of the girls at his school) swoon over his senior year photos!

And really his smile is THE BEST! I’ve already said THE BEST but just to emphasis JAY is REALLY THE BEST!!! I told him (and I’m totally going to do it!) I’m going to coin his awesome laughing smile to be “The Jay smile/laugh”. His smile/laugh was so infectious.

One thing that’s really tough about being a photographer is capturing photos that resemble the personality of someone you kinda just met. Before the shoot, I spent maybe an hour with him and his mom at their home planning for this shoot. There isn’t much time to get to know ya, but I feel like Jay’s personality came through here! Yah!

I also really appreciate him playing my games and just pretending I was funny, because I’m really not funny. That’s my secret. I’m really not funny. It’s out! I just so appreciate him and this is totally going in the books as a favorite session of mine! THANK YOU!!!!

I think I’m getting into posting

outtakes too, they’re just so funny…..


And who doesn’t want a photo with their mom? This is so precious!


Let’s be real honest…

joy senior photo album.jpg

As much as I LOVE LOVE L-O-V-E gallery walls, they’re just not that popular for senior photo shoots. It might have to do with something that makes it kind of like a shrine of having a wall fully devoted to one person in your family. It might also look like you favor *just a bit one child over the other…and let’s be honest, that changes on a daily (maybe hourly) basis.

So what is popular with seniors for photographic products?

  • Albums

  • Prints

  • Small frames (16x20 all the way down to 5x7)

  • Acrylic Blocks

  • Mini Accordion Albums

  • Collage Frames (10x20 with three 5x7 photos)

Location: Las Colinas Canals in Irving Texas