Texas in the Spring...

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Two fun facts about Texas. (Just 2 for today😂)

Most of you Texans know these with a few deeper facts for those true Texans.
Test your Texan knowledge!

1. There’s a Texas Pledge of Allegiance to the Texas flag. Students say this in the morning during school. (And just so you know Texans are pretty upset there isn’t a Texas flag emoji...just so you know this 🇨🇱 is not it) So if you use #texas🇨🇱 you’re using the wrong emoji.

2. Blue Bonnets are a serious big deal. It’s the official state flower (since 1901). There is a myth that it’s illegal to pick them (I’ll wait while you Texans go look that up😂) 

They are really beautiful!

So in honor of my 3rd year being a Texan (and for me knowing that 🇨🇱 is not the Texas flag) 

I’m celebrating by having

blue bonnets mini sessions!

I only have 5 spots available left! 🙌🙌🙌 

Details: April 7 evening time (see link below for details!)

There are only 5 spots available! 

Details: April 7, 2018 

Location: Carrollton (exact location TBD 1 week prior) 

See brochure below for more details! 

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