What to Wear Wednesdays

These! Welcome to spring! Who needs a little pop of spring color in their lives? As soon as Chelsey, Jason, and Emery got out of the car I knew they had read and followed my exclusive style guide!

(Did you know that I gift my families my exclusive style guide after booking?)

Blush, Light Blue, Ivory with pops of navy and a tad orange.  Perfection. 

This is a story about open adoption.  It's a good one. I also love how adoption always reminds me of God's love for us and adoption us into his family.    

These photos will be featured as a story for Real Options,
a support center for pregnant women in Plano. 

what to wear to a spring photo in downtown plano

Thank you so very much for having me photograph you! I love being apart of people's families for a tiny bit of time!