Russ Adoption with Hope and Kyle: Introducing Josiah Russ!

Born back in November, Kyle and Hope Russ are celebrating the official adoption of Josiah Russ today!

For about six months Hope and Kyle haven’t been able to share any photos of this cute little guy…until now! I really love the symbolism of these photos that I got in the courthouse, you can’t see Josiah’s face. It’s like waiting in ANTICIPATION…what does his face look like?!! It was my first courthouse adoption - so cool! The judge asked the family members several questions like “are you going to love this son like your own?” To the grandparents, “Are you going to spoil this child like you do your other grandkids?” It was very cute, fun, and lighthearted. The Russ’ were SO happy - it was definitely a celebration! The courthouse even has a GIGANTIC trunk filled with stuffed animals for kids to take one home!

court house adoption ft worth texas

Here is what you’ve been waiting for! This little guy! Introducing Josiah Russ!

Josiah Russ

It poured rain on the way to Ft. Worth and we were really excited when the rain stopped for us to take a few family photos right across the street from the courthouse. It was very sweet to see the Russ’ other two boys interact with baby Josiah. During the courthouse hearing the judge also asked their oldest son (5) if he was going to be a good big brother and share his toys. We all know the right answer and he pulled through saying YES! You never know what kids are going to say!

new brothers adoption in ft worth

Hope is going to be so embarrassed for me to tell you all the reasons why she’s the BEST MOM! I’ll just tell one thing. At preschool this year she had her two boys go on opposite days so that she could have one on one time with the other. That in my book is the definition of great mom. How many of us have ever even thought of that? ha!


Celebrating with Kyle and Hope were Kyle’s parents who live in Carrollton, Texas. It was so great to see everyone so happy! This is one of my most favorite parts about being a photographer. I get to share these REALLY special moments with people! You can also tell how amazing they are because they said it was so nice to share the time with me! No one has ever said that to me photographing their special event, thank you so very much!


I’m really digging posting outtakes from me session - that are reasonable - no one wants to see your evil eyes. But these ones are too funny. I love Josiah’s face in this one. It’s borderline grumpy man but also starring in wonder at his oldest brother.

family photo outtakes

And we can’t have family photos with toddlers without one of them putting their hands down their pants. I think I have the exact same photo of my son at this age. I think the only thing that wouldn’t made this outtake even better would’ve been Josiah dribbling spit up in Kyle’s face - probably should be grateful that didn’t happen!

So happy for your family of FIVE!!!

Welcome to the Russ family, Josiah!

family photo album mock up

So what do you do with photos from special events like this? I think the best thing that would make sense would be a photo album. My photo albums used pearl heavy paper and the cover is a vegan leather.

The paper is so sturdy that it can be thumbed through by kids for years to come and withstand that beating. Albums are a great way for little kids to see how important they are in your family! I have a lot of memories of my son going through a family album and learning all of our family member’s names. My daughter loves how she can relive memories, she swears she remembers when she was four months old…the magic of photos, ha!

Here’s to many years to come

reliving this very special celebration!