Women: What to Wear to your Fall Session

I’m starting a series of post about what to wear to a photo session.  It can be a really really hard task.  You finally schedule a photo session but then you have to decide what everyone is going to wear.  If you have a family shoot that can be really daunting because you have so many people to worry about!  I’m here to help!

I’m going to start first with the ladies.  This advice can be for engagements, solo-shots, or family photos.  I really want you to have the best experience and the best photos and I think it may start with dressing the part.  These tips are here so that you can get the MOST out of your portrait experience!

Don’t be afraid to look the part! 

I look in my closet and think I don’t have anything to wear but did you know you can RENT awesome clothes at really affordable prices? Don’t be afraid to rent something.  It can really make your photo session look awesome, just the way you want it to look. These examples are from Dress Lily and Rent the Runway.  Clients also have loved buying one (or two!) things to update their wardrobe.



Quick Tip:  Long dresses flatter a women’s body.

I recommend saying no to shorts (and even pants) for portrait sessions for the ladies.  Long dresses photograph really well.  If you have a family session you’re likely to be sitting on the ground with kids piled on top of you.  The longer dress allows for easier movement with kids.  With engagement session, longer dresses will flatter your figure and also get the “spinning effect”.  Also, high heels make women’s legs look longer.  We all want some of that, right? On these sites you can also rent heels.  Friends are also good places to ask to borrow shoes.  Chances are they won’t be wearing the heels at the same time.

If the idea of bringing two outfits is too stressful, then stick to one.


My recommendation for this would be to choose softer and lighter tones.  These will bring in the most light to your photographs to make your skin look awesome.

Flattering your figure: 

In talking to many women I find that all women have self-conscious parts of their bodies.  My recommendation would be to choose clothes that compliment your natural features and don’t highlight those features you’re concerned about.  That is the best way to look back at the photos and love the way you look in them.  Wear 3/4 sleeves if you want to slim down your arms.  You can also bring a jacket or sweater to go along with your outfit.  Strapless and halter tops have the opposite effect, so stick with sleeves for a set of slimmer arms.

Tip: Bring a pair of comfortable flip flops or flats to put on when moving from one location to the next.


Bring accessories to flair up your already awesome outfit.  This can be a necklace, bracelet, belt, or hats.  These can also be borrow from friends or rented.

To make your session unique you can bring something extra to your session.  Think of something that has a wow factor. This can be balloons, chairs, baskets with flowers.  It’s a good idea to bring a blanket that will look nice with what you choose to wear.  I love lighter color blankets because they photograph really well.  You could also pull together people you know and ask about a vintage car or bike to bring.

Hair and Makeup:

This may be the time to treat your self to professional hair and make-up.  It may just take the stress of the day.  Don’t you feel like a million bucks when a professional has done your hair? If you get your makeup done, tell them to apply your make up in natural light if possible.


So in a few words that’s my recommendation.  I want you to feel and look like a million bucks! This is a special moment to document and I can’t want to get that started for you.

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