Irie – boho styled children portrait

I tried to explain the word “hippy” to Irie as I placed her lace headband boho style on her head.  I wasn’t prepared for a five year old definition of the word.  After I looked at a few photos on the back of my camera I told her that however her photos came out, she could use them to understand the word! I love the colors of her shoot! Irie’s hair is one of her most striking features and I love the way the curls fell and floated in the slight breeze.

As a natural light specialist, it’s really important to choose the right time of day for your shoot! In your style guide (that I send all my clients!) I go more into this.  I love the warm tones as the evening sun in this session!

I love the pop of peonies here! I also go more into detail on what to bring to your photo shoot in your “style guide” when you book.  Details can be a great element to your photo shoot to make it look more like you and unique.

Location: Carrollton Green belt
This is definitely a favorite place to shoot.  If you missed other locations to have your photo shoot – look here!