James and Erin 10th Anniversary Session


I’m so excited to share this 10th anniversary session! James and Erin never had wedding photos so these were 4 kids late long overdue! Their session was gifted by their friends (also my brother and his awesome wife – hi guys!) who have lived all around the world with them for the military.

I also LOVE the Charlotte Russe dress Erin bought for the session.  It’s the perfect color and length and I can really tell she read my style guide.  SPOILER ALERT: my NEW UPDATED style MAGAZINE is coming really soon – ahhhh!

10 years! Wahoo! Congratulations James and Erin!

Thank you guys SO much! It was really fun to get to know you both! My memories of the eclipse (coolest thing ever!!!) will always be paired with having a great portrait session with you! When you see these photos in your house I hope that it will increase your appreciation for each other and your kids will see how much you love each other.