What will be your photo legacy?

I have 5,537 photos on my phone. GULP. YIKES. Hand hit my head.  

That’s too many. I go through my photos on my phone a lot and delete the dulplicates, screen shots, blurries (did you know photographers also have blurry images??) 

I also get asked a lot...I’m running out of iCloud space WHAT DO I DO?? As if the world were ending. But honestly it is annoying when you go take a photo and you don’t have any space.  

That got got me thinking...your kids are THE most photogeaphed generation of ALL TIME! What are you going to do to preserve your photos to have a photo legacy?  

Are you going to pass on your iCloud? Probably not. A USB? What’s that? A DVD? Uhhh nope.  

My photo legacy is going to be the physical prints and products that I leave my kids. 

Don’t let the MOST photographed generation go without a photo legacy!

I’m super excited to share with you my new products for this year!  

The dge wrap and the thin wrap. They both arrived this week and I can’t stop running my hand over them. The thin wrap feels like butter. These archival products WILL stand the test of time and serve as your family’s photo legacy. Let’s do this together- help our kids NOT forget their childhood. In the meantime the products, on the wall of your house, serve as a reminder to love and appreciate the ones closest in your lives better!  

Photo Wall Gallery Design

Photo Wall Gallery Design

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