What is a Boutique Photographer?

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Just recently I decided to add the word “boutique” as a tag line to my business. What exactly does that mean? 

Well I got into a few circumstances where I had families ask for certain products that I didn’t necessarily sell. There are a TON of different photo products and it’s hard to offer all of them at the same time. I was really excited about these ideas from these families and created their custom product for them. 

It reminded me of a boutique! Who doesn’t like to shop at boutiques? The service is impeccable and you get what you really want. 

That’s the idea behind my pre-session planning meeting. Before your session, we meet and discuss what you want to get out of your photo session. I recently had a mom say that she’s always dreamed of having a HUGE print of her family on her wall (making dreams come true over here, yah!!). Another mom said she wanted three prints over the fireplace and an album. I was able to show the two moms the options for wall art and they selected exactly which type of wall art they wanted in their planning meeting. Bing, bam, boom. 

Planning meetings are great because you can see what I offer and it helps with the session because I know exactly what you want. It’s really customer service at its best (my long-ago Nordstrom’s boss would be so proud).

Gone are the days where you receive your digitals and while you’re really excited there’s this OTHER thing on your to-do like “figure out what to do with our family photos”. 

To me, that isn’t customer service. For so long that’s how I ran my business and when I look back it was such a disservice. 

So wether you know just exactly what you want, want me to create a custom piece for you, or need a lot of help to decide how to display your photos- I’m here to help! I’m not going to just leave you with your images (that we both have worked SO hard for!) and just another thing on your long to-do list!