What to wear Wednesdays

Scroll down for my answer to my 2nd most popular question: How do I convince my husband!

It's been a while! I had what to wear Wednesday's going for a LONG time, lost track of time and took a break (to build a new website and focus on getting more schools into my 2018 schedule!) but today it's BACK! 

I had a photo friend from L.A. post she was looking for models for her Dallas trip! Me, me, me! I have this giant wall in my house that I'm really hoping to fill this year of photos of our family.  Lily's work is so beautiful so I really hoped that she would choose us for her models! 

I can't wait to see the REAL photos! In the meantime, I wanted to post this i-Phone photo talk about two different things I get asked a lot being a photographer. 

photo couple in deep ellum

#1: What do we wear?!!

I know (from experience!) this can be really stressful! (Did you know that all my booking families get a style guide that goes into great depth about what looks best in camera?! It takes the guess work out!) 

My general guidelines are: 

  • Women look better in camera in dresses or skirts - it also brings a sort of dressiness that speaks to the specialness of getting professional photos taken. Super bonus points if the dress or skirt is flowy - movement on camera looks great and it gives you something to do besides just stand there and smile - that can be so awkward for everyone! 
  • Take one color and lightly dabble throughout everyone's outfit to create some sort of unity.  
  • Men must wear tailored fitted pants.  Baggy pants make your legs look much larger - you don't want that, do you? I'm not talking about skinny jeans if you can't pull those off - don't - but more tailored fitting pants look great! 
  • I'd never gotten my professional hair and makeup for photos but LADIES - it's TOTALLY worth it.  I felt like a million bucks, and this is definitely a situation where that's what I want to feel like! 

#2: How do I convince my husband?!

This is a biggie.  I hear this a lot and I even felt a little guilty asking my husband to do this for me! Here's what I did - my husband already knows the importance to me to have photos of us (and our kids) up around our house.  So I told him my idea of wanting photos of us on the huge wall I mentioned earlier.  We haven't had photos of us since our wedding, almost 10 years ago.  I also showed him Lily's photography emphasizing how great it was and how I felt like you can experience the love her couples have for each other in their photos.  Once your guy really sees how you feel about something like this, he really is going to cave.  It's not about liking my photo taken - in fact I really don't like having photos done! It's about the experience that we had together and remembering these years through the photos I plan to have on our walls.  


BONUS ANSWER: When your children are grown, when your spouse has a few more wrinkles than you remembered, and your parents have passed.... what will you have left to remember those you love most? More importantly, what will you have to pass on as a legacy to your family?

Chances are, it will be two things:

the memories and the photographs.

Aside from some smudges on your walls and well-loved toys, your photos will be the one tangible thing that celebrate and remember your journey. These are more than just ink on paper or a DVD - these are the moments that tell your story! If you color your hair every other month, or grab a coffee a few times a week.... you are EASILY spending MUCH more per year on these things that, while fabulous, will fade away! 

All of these tips and more nuggets on info are included in my style guide! 


Here is a run down of the main clothing items: 

Tulle Skirt Charolotte Russe
Chiffon Blouse H&M
Floral Neck Tie Express
Tie dyed dress (featured on email about this!) from Amazon