Fireplace - central family hub

What's your style of your family hub? Is it comfy cozy or more formal? What is the color scheme? What are your favorite stores to buy furniture or accent pieces to decorate this space? 

These are all the questions I ask in my pre-session meeting to get an idea of the space you want your photos to live. All of the answers help to guide the photo experience so that your photos will look AMAZING in your space.  

I first met Geeti and we talked about the space she wanted her photos to live.  It's grey but next to her kitchen where the cabinets are wood color.  Her family relaxes in this area and she wanted very informal candid shots of her family.  Her family also hadn't had family photos with their littlest one (who is going into Kindergarten!).  This is the "2nd child syndrome" and I didn't understand until my 2nd came along! 

So with all of this info I felt very prepared for our session! We photographed at Andy Brown Park East in Coppell.  Here is a gallery design I came up with to showcase their photos! 


For families I recommend framing for wall art because you can easily update your frames every year with the new photos I take of your family and kids.  

One of my most favorite things about working with Geeti is that she equally loved her kid's silly faces.  Kids are kids! You will probably get silly faces in photos. I love the silly faces more than requiring everyone to look perfectly into the camera with teeth showing and head pointed the right direction.  

I really believe that having photos up on the wall of your home of your family help you LOVE and APPRECIATE those people more! I have a hard time being a mom, but seeing photos of my people on my wall help remind me to extend love and appreciation to them throughout the day.