The Print Wrap

I have this thing. I can't stand the way regular canvas looks.  

It's mostly because what the texture does to the skin of a person.  It looks ok at a distance, but if you're standing relatively close to the canvas it just looks bizarre. 

That's why my "canvas" are not like that at all.  I call them "print wraps" to distinguish them from the regularly canvas.  

They are printed on metallic photographic paper then wrapped around a wood frame.  They are premium wall decor! The manufacturing process creates the wrapped look that will look great with others like it - or paired with other canvases you might already have.  


Do you have photos that don't have a home? Give them a home TODAY! I provide Custom Wall Design Services.  Here's how it works...

1) You send me up to 25 photos you want to live in your home with photos of your walls
2) I send you mock-up galleries of how those photos could live on your walls
3) You choose which design you like the best and purchase professional wall art for your home. Your design cost ($65) gets credited back into the purchase of your products. 

Easy peasy. 

Start now!