The Wendel Family (one of my family reps!)

I very very very randomly met Amanda almost a year ago! Every time I photograph their family it is so easy peasy.  They always dress great, are up for anything, and have really good attitudes. 

What more could I ask for? 

We also went off-roading this time which gives them major points. 

I feel like Amanda gets me in the fashion way for photos (she's way more fashionable than I'll ever be!) and Eric totally understands when I crush on light.  I also bonded with Cade over his new play room and all his firetrucks and jeep toys! 

(Which gallery below do you like the best below?) I love providing a variety of gallery options for people to get to know them during our pre-session planning meeting. It's a personality thing - do you like random, square, symmetrical, circle? 

Cade is two and you can't ask a lot out of those "type of people", haha! We played some fun games that he probably didn't think were games at all, but got him moving instead of asking him to sit in front of the camera and CHEESE (by the way that word is on the photographers top 10 hated words).  Another word that's on the list for me? Pics. ugh. I'm so snobby! :) 

He barely sat still for more than 45 seconds, and that is enough.  That is why having a professional photograph who knows the tricks for kids and has a fast shutter is totally worth it! Don't get me wrong, some phone cameras are really good in the right light, but they're missing the fast shutter that a pro camera can provide.  

This is one of my families in my family rep program! Have you heard about the program yet? If you've ever thought of a family session with me...this is a NO BRAINER.  You get a TON of freebies, discounts, rewards, perks, VIP access, 3 photo sessions in a year and the AWESOME heirloom locket for FREE!! Applications have been rolling in but won't be official until September (my birthday!).  

If you can't wait and want to apply NOW you totally can here: 

Location: Little Elm, Texas