Survival Tips for the working Mom

Raising kids AND working can feel like this…


It can be tricky but you’ll need to have a few tricks up your sleeve to battle all the things you have to get done.

I meet a LOT of moms so I asked their best tricks to staying sane and getting everything done. Here is what they’ve said…

Julianna (her kids were my FAVORITE models for a school model call I did!) said…

“Stay as organized as possible is a lifesaver. Use a calendar and a planner for events/activities. Set reminders and alarms on {your} phone for al events. Make sure to take regular sanity breaks with friends and significant other are CRITICAL to survival!!”

Tiffany (she’s with her kids during the day and her husband is with them at night…)

“I work part time so we really have no free time. The only way that things can work is for us to share responsibilities. Communicate with your spouse about how to share the burden of household responsibilities. My husband and I alternate meal planning every week. Whoever’s turn it is will pick the meals and write the grocery list and we will shop on the weekend together so one person doesn’t have to shop with both kids. We try to prep as much as we can ahead of time. 
We both will tag team laundry.”

Many moms agree (me too!) that exercise is key! See here is me exercising with my kids. There are SO many options of exercising with your kids so if you’re short on time you can try that tactic out too!


Katie Predergast says,

“Don’t cut out personal time to do what feeds your soul, no matter how busy you are.
Schedule everything and stick to the plan. Say “no” to things you don’t want or don’t need to do. Ask for help/hire help.”

This is GOLD. I think the world would be a better place if more people said no to things. Saying no to things is saying yes to other things, like more time with your family.

Adrienne Scott said something really good,

“Having "people" in your corner makes a huge difference. Momming can be isolating, despite what I planned before having kids. Being able to be real and share with others is a real necessity for me. Getting enough sleep, adequate sleep makes the biggest difference.”

Something that was pretty universal was doing things to make dinner easier. This was using crockpot recipes, insta pot, and the thing that was said most of all was GROCERY PICK UP! Don’t feel guilty over using these modern technology conveniences!

Have you tried grocery pick up? Or any of these tips? I’d love to hear below!